Woot! I’m now MBS gold card member!

Well, I could hardly believe it. I had been aiming to be a gold card member ever since I took on Marina Bay Sands ordinary Premier Advantage membership card a year ago. But I didn’t think how I could ever achieve the 388 “points” needed to enjoy the upgrade, not within 12 months anyway.

I don’t need to think any more, cos thanks to the $2K treat I gave myself on Jan 2 this year — ie I paid the full-year levy to enter MBS instead of paying the $100 per 24-hour levy — I’ve gone to MBS more often in June 2011 alone than I did in the almost seven months in 2010 after first stepping into the casino.

It’s true that by paying a full-year’s levy has encouraged me to go more often. But hour-wise, I’ve stayed far fewer hours per visit than when I paid $100 per visit. Fact was/is, I decided to pay the full year levy partly for fear of collapsing in the casino while trying to max the benefit of the $100 paid each time. So much about the past.  For the present, let me present, in sequence, my latest cashout tickets with which I left the casino on each of the last three visits.

June 27 loot

The first (left) is the one I left the casino with, wings on my feet and a gold card in my handbag because the 8 premier dollars I earned on June 27 took my account to 388 premier $, the key to gold card membership. So co-incidental, said the girl at the counter when I went to redeem my parking ticket.

I’m not sure it’s exactly co-incidental, because I continue to harbour suspicions about the casino being able to monitor every move I make, every $ I win or lose. And with that info what else might it not machinate 😆

I could have stayed on to enjoy my newly gained privilege by going to MBS Ruby Room (on the same level as those ultra-ex restaurants like Guy Savoy) but the Korean drama Dong Yi tugged me homewards as I had to catch the unfolding love situation between the palace maid and the King.

Still, a note on my gambling funds account that I started the June 27 visit with is in order. I went with a cashout tix of $431, as written about here. As I wanted to be strictly clear about whether it’s my money I’m gambling with or it’s the casino’s, I converted the tix into cash as soon as I entered.I put away $200 that’s my own money in the cashout ticket.So the $238 tix I left with meant that after several hours of hot slots, I actually made only $7!!

June 30 loot

Cashout tix (above) is the outcome from my first visit to the Ruby Room as a full-fledged member on June 30. After a sucky start, I managed to build the cash tix to a value of $600+ be4 realising with shock and horror that the slots in the Ruby Room were knocking me for between $2.50 and $5 per spin.

Not my scene at all and after hastily finishing a complimentary glass of house wine, I decided to pack up and rejoin the hoi-polloi in the open casino floors.

Bad idea, especially when I had a restricted amount of time to play, having to leave for my last session of chair yoga shortly, both for the yoga lesson and the superb cakes that a yoga mate makes for the class. She doesn’t do it every time but would surely bring some to mark the end of one course, be4 the start of the next one!

So between the Rubby Room and the hoi polloi casino floor, I went from $600+ to $366. Worse, the $366 I left with didn’t mean that I had made more than on June 27.

Quite the contrary. During the sucky moments in the Ruby Room, my June 27 loot vanished in no time and I found myself investing another $280 be4 the slots began paying.

My heart was in my mouth! I wanted to tear my hair. I must steel myself against making further investmenst. Something in the casino’s computer system must have noticed my distress because lo and behold, I started to win, starting with a mini jackpot and so on and so forth, till my credit balance in the machine showed $600+.

I left the Ruby Room then but not the casino as it wasn’t absolutely time yet for yoga and hanging around MBS is a lot more comfortable — tho a lot more expensive — than hanging around the Kampung Glam Community Club.

I was wiser but poorer when I finally left for yoga class. A $366 cashout tix which after deducting my $280 fresh capital injection meant that the casino’s money in my pocked had dwindled from $368 to just 86 bucks!

I might be down but I wasn’t out. I wanted revenge. The next day, July 1, saw me back at the casino right after an enjoyable lunch with the Lunch Party — more about that in another post about this latest monthly gathering — determined to be focus and careful.

And I was. No more Ruby Room for me. No more walking around either. I stayed put with the quartet of  Three Kingdoms machines on the non-smoking floor, starting with the 2nd machine from right which happened to be unoccupied when I arrived.

Then I moved to the 1st machine when the gambler gave in. I moved again after gamblers and casual try-their-luck walk-bys gave up on Machine No 3 .My gambling funds waxed and waned. More importantly, I didn’t need to do any top up. But I wanted to win.

So after the 4th and last machine’s hogger finally gave up and a walk by rushed to take her place only to give up almost immediately, I moved there.

Yup and this machine gave me the winnings I needed. They built up slowly but surely until I hit the $600 limit and then kept vacillating between $500 and $550. I was almost resigned to having to leave for my Korean drama without first achieving my target. I left with this on July 1.

Then again perhaps some system in MBS was monitoring and timing my arrival and departure times, took pity on me and granted me one large win that swelled my credit to $600 once more (below). And I cashed out, happy, very happy to leave — for the time being.

But remember, after deducting the $280 top-up, my takings from the casino is just $320. Still a long way to go be4 recovering the $2K I had paid out in levy 🙄

I left with this on July 1

3 thoughts on “Woot! I’m now MBS gold card member!

  1. I also am an avid slot player at resorts world and MBS. Your detailed articles are fun to read. Just a tip…slots wise resorts world pays out so much more. If u play at MBS try the Monoply machine, if u hit a nice one u can get 1000+ buckaroos. I ventured in MBS to play rapid fire Baccarat. Which is better odds and it’s just like a video game, no stress like the table baccarat and min bet is 10 bucks on weekdays. Odds are 50-50, choose banker or player…better than odds at slots. Give it a go with a 100 bucks. It worked for me. Gods luck and happy gambling. (I also wonder how they can monitor our every move…and if that effects our winnings) 🙂

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  3. For the yearly levy, I was just thinking if it would make more sense to use the same amount to purchase tickets to Macau or Genting Highlands instead… : )

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