My winning trail

On May 31, I left Marina Bay Sands with a cashout ticket of $500+ and after deducting the $100 I had started the day with (winnings from another visit), I was $400+ to the good. That occasion was blogged about here.

On June 23, I was again at MBS and left with a cashout tix of $260+. The next day I was back once more and left the casino with cashout tix of $450+. Each time I played the slot machine for only a few hours, max of 3.5 hours.

The June 23 winnings came from the Three Kingdom slot as did the June 24 winnings.

But hold it. This isn’t the whole story. Between May 31 and June 24, I also went to MBS on June 3, 13, and 21.

And the fact is on June 3, my $500+ cashout ticket swelled to $700+ in the interim but instead of quitting while the going was good, I over-stayed my time and saw the winnings whittled away till by the time I left, I took just $300+ with me.

June 13’s fortunes were worse and I left with just $100 when it was time for me to leave. Still I comforted myself that I earned free entertainment, free carparking and yes, even a few free non alcoholic drinks!

It was the same comfort I lavished on myself when at the end of play on June 21, I was left holding a $68 cashout ticket.

I have not made much, if any, headway with my plan to recoup my $2K annual levy I had paid on Jan 2.

Worse was to come two days later when I found that my $68 waved good-bye to me so rapidly that I  succumbed and went to the ATM to withdraw $200 to as “bullets”. That was not all. $150 disappeared quickly too. I decided to top up the $50 on hand with another $200, reckoning I should give myself a “treat”.

my winning kingdom 😀

But fortunately for me, and unfortunately for MBS, I had no need to touch the extra bullets as my return to the Three Kingdoms machine which I had forsaken temporarily gave me a row of wins, culminating in the win in the pix.

I might have hung around for more such luck if not for a call from a yoga class mate, reminding me class would start in less than an hour.

I might have been reluctant to leave the casino for the class, if not for the fact that said classmate’s call also included the info that she’s brought me a present from Hongkong where’s she just been.

I’m a real sucker for pressies so I quickly cashed out everything and found to my delight and surprise that not only had I recouped the first $200 I had withdrawn from the ATM but also the $68 I had started the day with. So, I’m on even base!

Hence my quick return the next day — June 24 — to see if I could build up on that win. And I did, although only towards the last 30 minutes — when I had to leave for a tea appointment, followed by a dinner appointment.

And only after I returned to the Three Kingdoms slots, which pay good but are lousy where premier points accumulation is concerned.

So, tatatata, here is the winning slot tix I’m nursing in my handbag. After deducting the $200 investment I had put in on June 23, I’m just about where I had started earlier on in the month. Almost full (or fool?) circle!nestling in my handbag 😀

nestling in my handbag



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