One S’pore with Lee Kuan Yew

Below is the kind of photograph (taken on May 21 @ the Istana) that the likes of Temasek Review, Feed Me to the Fish, Singapore Notes, Singapore Statistician and the 1,001 one anti-PAP/Government bloggers would never dream of including, highlighting or even mentioning in their regular vitriol.

united we stand behind you


7 thoughts on “One S’pore with Lee Kuan Yew

  1. AL

    Frankly, have no qualms on that providing as LKY stated clearly that it is on good economic policies which perpetuates the dominance of Singapore in financial and transport sector although hopefully all will realise that this sectors are only where IP works and providing not too much hubris.


  2. Wang, one thing. Please don’t call me AL. I just realise there’s someone posting rather nasty comments on some sites using that nick. I m Auntie Lucia. TQ!

  3. Auntie Lucia

    The conundrum of acronyms, not aware of the AL you are referring to. Wishing you a good week ahead.


  4. Wang, not offended. Just want to keep the picture clear :-D!
    Thanks 2 4 yr wishes. I always aim to have a gd day with a constant prayer in my heart.

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