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bring me flesh and bring me wine
today i must celebrate
for i’ve been liberated
we must cauterise to heal you say
therefore i’m well again
not healed. just a well
where the wound had been
no scars to show the pain
just rawness etherised
now and forever

i will fold you away
like last year’s dress
which has lost its chic
send it to some
charitable cause
till next time needing a dress
i hunt vainly
on the rack
envying your present owner now

when i say goodbye to you
it’s like closing a long-read
which i’ve failed time and again
to reach the end
i start out hopeful
familiar words lines paragraphs
the read pages accumulate
difficult phrases
become familiar with
each re-reading
but somehow i don’t get
the halfway mark
i relive each scene
each character
then the narrative peters
like our story
which has no end
because we never got that far