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And who wrote this?

In this life
I am your love
And in the next
And the next
In each life
We forfeit
The next
I was snail
I was algae
I was fern
In each life
You are my love
The chalk bed says
The limestone says
We will never be
Man and woman
We will never be
We may never meet as man
And woman
But at each terminal
Wait for me

At the source of fire
The source of water
Where all sources meet
In the hollow where we were
There was a man
Before he was fern
Before he was algae
Before he was coal…

Wait for another
My love
It will be me


It’s sheer hypocrisy

Mama, what do you call it when a corporate preaches and practises one thing and then right under the noses of  its customers does something that as good as cancels out what it preached and practised?

Sheer hypocrisy, mama would reply, I’m sure.

Because of environmental concern, most if not all big supermarket chains in Singapore are imposing a no-free plastic bag policy one day a week.

I hate this policy because I think it’s absurd to think we are saving the environment, if not the earth (what hubris!), if we pack our wet, dirty, clean and whatever shopping from the supermarket into re-useable bags.

With plastic bags, I can at least segregate the wet meat and veggies from dry stuff like packets of milk, oats, coffee, bread etc. I can also re-use the plastic bags; the badly affected ones for wet trash and the cleaner ones as bin liners, repacking stuff to give away etc..

But with the re-useable bags that proclaim themselves as “I’m not plastic” etc, I would have to wash and dry them after every trip to the supermart. So water and detergent wld be used. No damage to the environment meh? OK, I cld be less fastidious and re-use and re-use the bags, without washing, till they are so yucky that they have to be thrown away. 

Frankly, has anyone worked out how much it costs the evironment to make these re-useable bags vs that of making disposable plastic? And even more frankly, who does it benefit immediately other than those pple who make and sell “I’m not a plastic” bags and the supermarkets which need to give away fewer plastic bags!

Which brings me up to the sheer hypocrisy of it all –when I came across a stack of plastic bottles of water for sale just be4 National Day, reduced from $10.20 to $5.85, for 12 bottles of 1.5 litres each! (see pix)

Hasn’t it been said time and time again that Singapore’s water is so good that it could be drunk straight from the taps? 

This aside, someone somewhere would surely realise that hawking cheap plastic bottled water is sooooooooooooo contradictory to the no-plastic bags on certain days practice. Unless the supermarket where i saw these plastic bottles of water being sold has already abandoned the no-plastic bag policy. Which is good. But be bold enough to declare it, so that competitors will come to their senses too.

Save Gaia by all means but by doing things that really benefit the environment, not by adopting what is effectively zero-sum environmental chic.

something wrong with S'pore's tap water?

something wrong with S'pore's tap water?