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Making lemonade

As an incurable sucker for freebies, i’d been wanting most of this month to get round to going to Tangs to claim my birthday month’s 20% discount voucher.

But the days slipped away so quickly that it was already half-way thru May when I finally got that clear free afternoon to grab the voucher and venture to shop — in the clear belief that I would get 20% off everything I bought.

I knew exactly what I needed and desired and so felt confident that I would be able to spend the “savings” as well — but at Isetan across the road, and all within the one-hour $2.80 parking charge at Tangs.

Even Tangs’ carpark seemed to favour me yesterday. I felt like walking on sunshine when I found a spot to leave my car right at Level 3 which opened into Tangs.

With military precision I zipped down to Level 2 where Customers Service was. There was no queue and i got served almost as soon as I whipped out my Tangs card and my I/C to claim my voucher.

Then came the crushing disappointment, as the customer service girl intoned that the 20% discount didn’t apply to fragrance, skin care, make up (except for some samples) etc

That was exactly the stuff I had come for; that’s what made me excited — not Tangs clothes, food at its Island Cafe, watches etc..

In fact, if Tangs does collate info on what its card members buy, it would know that I almost never buy anything other than skin care, fragrance and make up from its store.

So why bother to raise my hopes with its “special treat” offer and as a result made me madly disappointed? 😥

What to do? Since I had ample parking time left from my one-hour, I marched out the door to take the underpass to Isetan in Shaw Centre when another blow hit me. At the underpass entrance right outside Tang’s door, one escalator wasn’t working and the other was under repair.

I toyed with the idea of going back into Tangs to shop but hardened my resolve. I won’t spend another cent on a store that misled me — at least not immediately.

So, Lucky Plaza? No, too tacky.. then I remembered Scotts Square which I had visited once briefly.

And if nothing else, Scotts Square’s aircon was super effective.

Then I remembered Crystal Jade Kitchen right at the top of the shopping square and the fact that it had a promo for soy-sauce chicken at $9.90! I picked up a portion and some lau sar buns (pau with salted egg yolk sauce filling).

Though my purchase came to less than $15, the wait staff were super polite. One even poured me a glass of water without bidding, while I waited for my order to be packed.

Yup, Tangs might have handed me a lemon of a birthday treat, but I managed to make some delicious lemonade as a result.

And yup, I busted my $2.80 parking by about 50 cents.

Next year I’ll know what to do with Tangs’ special birthday month offer. It will go into the bin along with all those gifts with strings that come from two of the three clubs I belong to and about which I’ve once dissed here.  With the exception of NUSS that is! Its annual $20 birthday gift voucher with no minimum spend is always welcome! Not those of the Tanglin Club or the Singapore Cricket Club whose “gifts” are poorly disguised ways of extracting money from me!  🙄