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Good comes from bad experience

If not for the lousy experience I had received at Sophie’s, I would probably not have explored the other vegetarian food outlets at Fortune Centre unless forced to, such as going on a Monday to that part of the world with a longing to eat vegetarian but Sophie’s is closed!

But thank goodness I got pissed off with Sophie’s and so was forced to look for alternatives. And really, ended up enjoying a wider selection of vegetarian cuisine.

After discovering Pine Tree Cafe, I also got to eat at Creative Organic — again — as well as the cafe across the corridor from it whose name has undergone a transformation. The one and only time I visited it, it was called Piao Xiang Vegetarian Food. Now it’s metamorphosed to become Xiu Yuan Good Food Cafe.

Still by whatever name it calls itself, its offerings are probably the cheapest of the three veggie cafes on Fortune Centre’s 2nd floor. For the best vegetarian sushi, Creative Organic has it.

And Pine Tree Cafe is my favourite because I’ve grown to love its leica fan. Even Picky has become a fan, not of leica of cos but of the nasi lemak which looks good and tastes good.

Pity then nasi lemak is available only on Sundays and leica is often sold out! At least the green herbal soup that accompanies the rice.

When I suggested to the friendly lady owner she just served the rice la, she said: “Cannot. Must have the soup.”

I said, just the rice and condiments without the soup would be fine for me.

“Cannot. Leica must have leica.”

“Then don’t call it leica?”

“Cannot” was the final nswer.

So much for being entrepreneurial and flexible!

fan without leica


Green pastures old…

After so much feasting in recent days, those written abt and those best not to remember, there was yearning for something less demanding on the digestive juices and less heavy on the internal circuitry.

After some absence, we headed to Sophie’s again on Sep 6, for lunch: my sister, maid Siti and mum. For a while we had deserted New Green Pasture Cafe or Sophie’s on the 4th floor of Fortune Centre, thanks to the write-ups abt the alternatives to Sophie’s at the Centre.

So had gone to Piao Xiang Vegetarian Food and Healthy Lifestyle, both on the second floor. While the cabbages rolls at Piao Xiang were absolutely delicious, the cedar shoot fried rice tho at once delicious and strange was swimming in oil.

Also, altho the pix of the menu reproduced on the flyer was colorful and tempting, the pix of the actual dishes I ordered when I went there with J turned out to be colorless and unappetising. No point posting them.

And while the food at Healthy Lifestyle was quite photogenic (as pix of a bowl of lei cha or thunder rice below shows), the gastronomic experience was ruined by another tantrum by our maid Siti.

not everyone's cup of tea

not everyone's cup of tea

She disliked the lei cha rice intensely and showed it by eating the dish grain by grain in angry silence, her head bowed to hide her ugly scowl. She remained stubbornly withdrawn despite my explanation that I had ordered the dish for everyone, not just her alone. That it’s a Hakka speciality. Also, we all liked it and it was Healthy Lifestyle’s dish of the day.

Now I understand better why some Singaporean “macikans” never take their maids out for meals or if included, don’t feed them, while the family sups. That wasn’t the first time Siti had given trouble over food but….

All at the table were affected by her sulks which meant I would hesitate to go back there any time soon, if I was with the family as that invariably means the maid comes along to keep an eye on mother.

That’s why we went back to Sophie’s by default last Saturday: mother wanted Fortune Center, sister D wanted to try Sophie’s and I wasn’t going back to the place where the maid’s tantrums gave me heartburn.

Laksa was the day’s special and all but me opted for that. I had assam “fish” which came with rice and salad: nice but not exceptional.

The surprise or the shock was that the laksa turned out to be Penang laksa, not nyonya laksa and I held my breath for complaints from mum, sis and maid. Thankfully, they accepted that they had assumed wrongly and ate up the laksa with gusto, possibly because it wasn’t as sour as the original Penang version.

Since everybody was in a good mood, I decided to treat all to the dessert of the day which was bubor cha cha in oat milk.

At $2.50 a bowl it wasn’t expensive, considering that oat ilk costs $5.95 for a litre, at least for the Oatley brand that I soak my home-assembled muesli in every morning. Even ordinary bubur cha cha in coconut milk costs as much in foodcourts and dedicated dessert parlours like Tong Shui Cafe and Dessert Hut.

delicious to the last drop
bubur: delicious to the last drop