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Active ageing: Youtube better than Ebixa

There has been a lot of chatter about active ageing and how the Government, led by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, would do its best to see that as many of us as possible would age happily, gracefully — in short, well.

Let me share with you how my mum, aged 87 going on 88, is doing it.

Here she is eating lunch at Meez9. She’s having fish and couscous!

Mum having lunch at Mezza9 in Oct


Here she is showing off her rings: the jade one from my late father (it came from Lee Onn, I think); the other, not captured well in the picture but is a once popular Thai created-pattern ring– seven loops joined together and came from a late Thai businessman friend whom mum met when she was a teenager and the Japanese were at Singapore’s door.

Mum’s rings


And here is mum singing her Nanyin favourite! 😆 on Youtube. Family pix have been included as it insists on visuals and audio 🙄

Guess what?

After playing mum’s Youtube debut over and over again over one day for her to hear, she started asking about her Zaobao subscription! Something she hasn’t done since July when we let it laspe — because for more than a year, her newspapers arrived but she would just glance at the front page and then put the prestine copy aside, never to pick it up again.

So the family decided there’re better things to do with the subscription money than contribute to SPH’s coffers and stuff the the recycling bin with untouched newspapers every day!

After her Youtube epiphany, Mum repeatedly asked for her Zaobao till one issue was bought for her from the petrol kiosk next door. Next week we will definitely re-subscribe for her.

What I find quite instructive about this development is that unlike the memory pills for those firmly on the road to Dementia land, mum’s Youtube managed to revive her memory in something we thought had long been lost in the mists of a confused mind . An inexorable slide that her use over several years — starting from Arricept, then Exsalon and now Ebixa — failed to reverse! 😥


She turns 87 & she turns 84

Mum turned 87 on Monday. No fanfare. No celebrations. We just had simple lunch at Lenas in Bugis Junction. She and I shared a set. Her Picky had a set all to herself.

On Sunday, there was the usual family lunch with hongbaos to her from the usual suspects. H and C bought tarts from Baker & Cook at Hillcrest Road as I suggested. They also gave mum hongbaos despite my saying “no need”. Guess it’s the usual Asian reaction to suggestions of “no need” 😆

What a diiference a year has made. Last year, a week be4 mum’s birthday I was able to give her a pre-birthday treat at ION’s Paradise — just the two of us. She was able to hobble on her own two legs with the help of a folded golf-stool.

This year, no such luck. When we go out, she needs a wheelchair, for her sake as well as for mine, since many a stranger had gone so far as to suggest to me that I shouldn’t make my mother suffer. “Get her a wheelchair,” they said!

I might still be dithering if not for the fact that events took the decision out of my hands. Mum took a bad tumble at home on Oct 2 last year that led to her hospitalisation at Tan Tock Seng Hospital for one night for observation.  Apres that, although she suffered no more than bad bruises, I didn’t want to take any more chances.

We got her a wheelchair for outdoor use and another for indoor use, although most times the latter isn’t used at all, as mum still manages to move around at home with the help of a frame-walker.

Now contrast my mum’s latest birthday with what another octogenarian whom I know. Auntie GY celebrated her 84 on March 3 at her lovely home off Swiss Club Road.

I got to know Auntie GY thru a mutual friend and this is the second time I have been included in her birthday bash, the first being two years ago when we went in a group to Sarawak.

The difference lies in the fact that one birthday girl is still full of joy of life whereas my mum while still enjoying her food has lost much of her ability to engage with others. And that ability is what makes living vibrant — unless one has always been a hermit or a recluse 🙄

  Although there were about 40 of us, we couldn’t even manage half of what was available, supplied by Glory of East Coast Road… because there was still the dessert of birthday cake, cakes I mean, as there were two!

Two of the best for the 84-year-young birthday girl

Life is still blooming at 84!


More blooms still!


Guests making themselves at home


Resolution 2010 – one post a day!

I don’t usually make resolutions at the start of a year. Not because making resolutions means having a guilt trip if they are broken, as invariably they would be. Rather, I can and do make resolutions at any time, so what’s the big deal of making them to co-incide with a new year? :-D!

I’ll make an exception this year, as I’ve decided that there’s just one resolution I can keep with little hardship. And that is to post in this blog, once a day. And of course the post needn’t be long, as in length, not in appropriateness, if you know what I mean.

So here goes: family members wanted to visit our home today on hearing I’ve been unwell. Brave souls! I said no but allowed them to persuade me to let them take mum and her maid out for lunch.

Yup, I may be out of action but there’s no need to deny mum her outing, something she enjoys more and more, as she grows older, more frail and mentally vacuous!

So, the relatives came and took them to Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant at Quality Hotel for its buffet which is a treasure trove of irresistible choices. Certainly wished I could have joined them but bed and a nap after putting in more medication into myself was the more sensible choice.

Meanwhile, here’s a pix of mum having her glass of Piper Heidseik at our Chong cousins on Christmas Day. Little did I know then at that lunch that a restless flu bug was about to break loose and cause me a few sleepless nites! Just as well humans aren’t prescient. Or else how could we enjoy the present, as in now, not the gift!

To the future!