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Singapore a sex hub?

Hohoho, don’t think we would ever deliberately go for such a title. Aviation hub, yes. Financial centre, yes! Communications hub, definitely. Even arts hub, though some eyebrows might be raised at such an ambition because our country’s well-known pragmatism tends to make us appear like Philistines than Patricians in others’ eyes!

Yet the recent news concerning sex scandals at high to highish levels seem to be sowing the seeds for making SIN synonymous with sex — or at least scandal.

If the last two years had been infamous for our Singapore Land Authority and other high places of government being cheated by computer folks within the organisations and their vendors without, then the ramifications carried over from the tail-end of last year should see more computer related scandals.

At least as in the sex-and-contract allegations now being directed at two former law enforcer-bosses. They are supposed to have slept with a computer sales woman — separately, I hope 😥

Not to be outdone, a high profile Opposition leader is rumoured to have (maybe had?) an extramarital affair with a married woman camp follower.

And in the past week or so, news has leaked about an online prostitution ring that caught a primary school principal (now ex) plus other civil servants, though the level of their seniority is not yet an open secret.

My curiosity is piqued by the fact that all the media stories assume that the ex-P and his civil service colleague were patrons. What if they were pimps instead? 🙄

Another wicked thought just crossed my mind. If the two ex-enforcer-bosses’ computer sales executive lover were a maried man instead of a married woman? What if the Opposition leader’s alleged paramour was a guy or an under-aged girl?

The mind boggles at these possible — though improbable — combos.

So if we are shocked now by these sexy developments, we really must steel ourselves to even more mind-blowing scandals in future.

Because in an anything goes world, nothing will be OB any more!