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Where are the SG girls?

One curious fact stands out. Almost all the folks arrested and charged, arrested but not yet charged and others merely helping police with investigations relating to a recent spate of high profile web-hacking, vandalism and illegal assembly are MEN and BOYS.

Where are the Singapore girls, women, aunties, grandmas and xiao meis? Why isn’t AWARE jumping all over the place for this under-representation of the female race?

Are we women so law-abiding that we are never ever tempted to do wrong? Or if we are tempted, do we quickly show temptation the door?

Actually this auntie here could have made up for the shortfall if I were at all gutsy. But I was and am not, when it comes to entangling with the law.

That’s why one recent Monday afternoon, in the HDB car park next to the Clementi Mall, I acceded to one police sergeant’s request to delete pictures taken on my pohone’s Instagram.

Not only that. Not satisfied, he insisted, ever soooo politely, on going thru the “gallery” of my mobile to delete any residual images as well.

Thorough job that and I felt as helpless as I was when I was robbed at gun point in a hair salon in Katong Shopping Centre, several decades ago.

Sure, I didn’t fear for my life in the latest epiosde but I didn’t relish spending time at the police station should I say “no” to Sgt Calvin/Kelvin.

What was my crime?

I don’t know if I had committed any.

I took a distant pix of the good sergeant and his two colleagues, their police car and the SCDF’s Red Rhino, with four men in their distinctive “combat” gear.

What’s the reason they were there?

Because a woman found her son had fallen asleep inside the car and she was unable to open the car doors to get in.

That’s what i understood from a fellow passer by.

What I couldn’t understand was why the police didn’t advise the woman to get a locksmith from the Mall downstairs or from the HDB shops next door.

I could and still can sympathise with the mum’s panic but not the Home Team’s men, who surrounded the car as if someone had died inside, while the woman pounded on the windows calling “Wake up, wake up”. At one point, there was even a civil defence ambulance hanging around. 🙄

I went to return my trolley to Fairprice Finest downstairs and on my return, all was well. The boy had woken up and the woman drove off, leaving the officers.

That’s when i decided to take a pix to remind me of the encounter which begs the question of what our Home Team would have done, had we been hit by a tornado, not just a locked car door?

Alas, I wasn’t allowed to keep my souvenir, with the good sergeant having the last word after he swiped the last offending pix from my camera: We have a serious life saving situation here!! 🙄 🙄


2 reasons why Mr George Yeo shouldn’t

… join the race to become Singapore’s next president.

First, like he said, he is not “temperamentally suited for such a job”, which carries one responsibility that I think no one should be asked to do — and that is to sign the execution order for those condemned* to die by our courts.

How would Mr Yeo, a self-confessed “free spirit”, react when families of death row prisoners send petition after petition asking for their loved ones to be spared?

Sure, the president has no power to gainsay a death sentence and must abide by the advice of the Cabinet.

But in his private moments, in his secret conscience, would he not be forced to recall the story of Pontius Pilate? Could he sleep well on the night be4 the execution or wake up feeling good on the morning when he gets up knowing that someone, somewhere in Singapore has been hanged on his orders?

The second reason why Mr Yeo shouldn’t attempt the presidential election is that he might well lose, whether in a two or three-horse race. How would he feel to lose two elections in a row, not having lost one till this year in his decades long political career? Could his self-confidence survive such bruising within the span of a few months?

If he really needs to have something to do apres Aljunied, he should look no further than the forever urbane Tommy Koh as a template. Professor Koh has reinvented himself many times over and seems to have the secret to being forever relevant whatever the year, the season or the reason.

* I’m no Alan Shadrake and I’m not against capital punishment as such for heinous crimes. Indeed, when i was robbed at gun-n-knife point several years ago — one of 18 victims in a hair dressing salon in Katong Shopping Centre that was hit by 3 armed robbers — my first thought was that all the bastards should be hanged! Alas, none of the culprits were ever caught! In calmer moments though, I feel terribly for the burden we impose on fellow citizens when we task them to carry out the country’s death penalty!