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A menu to live for!

There are home cooked meals and then home cooked meals. Those that I cook have deteriorated to the point where whenever I’ve to be at the hot stove, I choose a one-course, one pot menu. And yes, very much like the characters in Korean dramas, I often eat straight from the pot — whenever there’s no company, not even my mother!

Thus it’s become a preferred option to eat out and a better appreciation of why it’s a super plus point to live within five minutes of restaurants, cafes, food courts, even hawker centres — where meals are on tap for little extra cost (unless one chooses Les Amis day in and out) and little effort.

Stemming from this, it’s easy to see why it’s such a super duper treat to be invited to a home cooked meal by a cook who doesn’t rely on domestic help, pre-processed stuff or buying in to serve at home.

Better still, when the cook-host actually goes the extra mile and pulls out all stops to dish out a memorable meal every time said cook-host invites. Complemented by the most classy drink stuff by cook-host’s friend.

The only pity is that cook-host and friend provide such stunning meals and drinks no more than two or three times a year! 🙄

Last Saturday (Oct 20) was one such rare and always looked forward to event. Let the drool-making pictures (below) do the speaking. (Forgot to snap the soup!)

Oh yes, this time instead of wine, we washed down the food with cold sake and Korean soju.

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Green t cake from Sun Moon — courtesy of LW

just when I thot it can’t get better — chirashi rice, oishi!


When shall we three meet again?

B-D Trio

… in thunder, lightning or in rain…?

When the hurlyburly’s done,
 When the battle’s lost and won….

Well, the Hougang battle’s been lost by the PAP and won by the Workers Party. I don’t know when there will be a reprise of the May 26 joust. Perhaps the next general election?

But I know when we three B-D gals would meet again. Soon.

For our next birthday month of May, when our joint celebration is held again, there won’t be the background excitement of a rare Singapore experience — a by-election to add oomph and bite to our always delicious dinner cooked every year without fail by the delectable HWSNBN.

Last night’s dinner was therefore extra-special.

And if DPM Teo Chee Hean had been a fly on the wall of where we had our dinner, he won’t be so confident  in his words “the elections in Hougang is quite special, as Hougang is not representative of the whole of Singapore necessarily. Because each constituency is different, and Hougang has its own characteristics..

This is because of the 7 of us at our wine-dine-whine din-din, there was only one person rooting for the PAP.

OK, one of those present is a Hongkonger who dropped into SG for a quick visit. So he didn’t count.

The remaining six are all Singaporeans, all having the vote, provided where they live won’t have a walkover at the next GE. And I’m sure that walkovers are likely to be a thing of the past!

Three live in the East Coast, two in the Orchard Road area and one right in the City Centre — their votes would count in the Marine Parade, Tanjong Pagar and Moulmein-Kallang GRCs. Only one of these six were sad that the PAP lost on Saturday!

I’m not saying that the outlier is me or it’s not me.

What I would confess to is that I was dead wrong about the PAP’s prospects in Hougang. Which shows the strong pulling power of the WP, the strong turn off that has become the PAP or a combi of both.

Meanwhile, it was a delightful dinner, with two vintage white wines and a bottle of Moet & Chandon, which weren’t a lot split among 7 hearty eaters 😆

Palate refreshener: sorbet & jelly

Chikx galore! Stuffed with cheese n herbs

refreshing fruit-trio n veggie salad

Home-made siu-yoke, better than Wah Lok

Fruit flan from Fullerton Hotel