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Bad day turned good…

I had expected last Thursday to be a bad day, because I had to deliver a pack of  glyconutrients or eight essential sugars ( Handout – Polly’s Glyconutrient Recipe ) to a long time acquaintance.

You would have thought that since I was making a gift of the glyco to the recipient, not charging the person, the person would at least be sensitive enough to let me choose the place and timing for me to deliver the stuff.

I said I could “deliver to your home”, which is one straight road up from mine. Or I could deliver to your spouse’s office which is even nearer to my home. You just tell me when is a good time.

But no; recipient insisted on giving me a time and place: “Meet me there any time in the morning on Thursday and I’ll buy you a coffee,” adding, “they serve very good coffee.”

I should have said “who cares?’ but I tend to be more civilised with acquaintances, even long time ones.

So I said “Great” even as I mentally thought nasty thoughts, about being invited for coffee and all it implies as I had said in a comment to this blogger’s post.

 Then lo and behold, Thursday morning saw the skies open and piss down (just like today, also a Thursday!) as though the heavens were feeling as grumps as moi — just as I was heading out to make that delivery and have that “very good coffee”.

My mood was foul to say the least, especially when glyco’s recipient texted to say recipient would be delayed. Mood got more foul when I saw the first hour parking charge for the place with the very good coffee.


I didn’t need that.

Then a light bulb lit up in my head, like one of those comic strips.  Why bother to park? Why bother to have coffee for that matter? Why risk being stranded in the place with very good coffee and expensive parking because of the heavy rain?

So I texted recipient to say I didn’t have time for coffee; meet me at the drop off point and I’d pass you the glyco. Which exchange duly took place and I freed myself from a tiresome meet up.

With no appointments, I was free to check out Orchard Central like I had wanted to do for ever so long. Then moosied to the Kwan Im Hood Cho Temple in Waterloo Street, had a couple of no-brand watches repaired at Win’s (my fav watch shop) at Bencoolen Plaza and then had a leisurely solo lunch at Create Healthy Lifestyle.

I did everything so leisurely that by the time I reached the temple the skies had cleared and no drop of rain fell on my parade.

It felt so good to reassert my agenda rather than let others shape it to suit theirs!

But what made it a very good day was suddenly spotting that poor old tramp about whom I’ve written here, here and here.

I had almost reached home when I spotted that familiar figure — in ragged clothes carrying a plastic Sheng Shiong bag — stumbling painfully along the unforgiving pavement outside the Shell petrol station near the post office on Bukit Timah Road just be4 Newton Circus.

So, Ashton who had written extensively to me about this old man is right. A said he had been running into the old man, even though I haven’t seen him for so many months that I thought he had gone to a better place than the hard uncaring pavements which he had been tramping up and down so aimlessly and for so long!

I almost did a jig but as I was driving I refrained. I also could not swing over to him, given the heavy traffic going towards Newton Circus and the equally fast flowing traffic zipping up the flyover!

But I was determined to let him have some $ so that he would have at least a couple of good meals.

I did my calculations. Judging by the way he was limping and stumbling, he won’t be making tracks with any speed.

So I made my way up Bukit Timah Road; doubled back to Dunearn Road-Newton Circus/Bukit Timah Road and then a U-turn at the post office to head back north; branched off first into Clemenceau Avenue North and Newton Hawker Centre (on assumption he might have gone there to look for scraps to eat) but no luck; another U-turn to Newton Circus and then into Scotts Road (because that’s where Ashton said he had seen the old tramp). Again nothing.

But instead of heading towards Orchard Road I made yet one more U turn and then tracked back up Bukit Timah Road in the direction of Johor.

And then as they say in old American detective stories such as Perry Mason, I hit pay-dirt! 😆

The old tramp was limping his way determinedly to heavens nowhere — and conveniently he was just outside the construction entrance of something or other to do with the MRT next to Guoccoland’s super luxe development.

So, I stopped, hazard lights flashing, wound down the left-hand side window and handed him enough $ for at least three meals.

The old tramp just mumbled incoherently and stuffed away the note. To the amused gaze of three foreign workers standing right there.

The thought crossed my mind — most likely unfairly — that they might rip the note from the old man. I hope not. But I had to be on my way and couldn’t stop to ensure no harm happened to this very unfortunate soul who pounds SG’s side walk that many outside the island believe is paved with gold! 😦

Thus I ended my day in a very self-satisfied mood. Confirming my belief that what we do seemingly for others’ benefits is really for our own. 🙄


Lohei coming out of my ears

Sumiko Tan might have had sharksfin coming out of her ears. I’ve never been that fortunate, pre or current anti-sharksfin days. That’s another story.

But I could claim that my celebrations this Chinese New Year saw lo-hei or yusheng or yee sang coming out of my ears — contrary to my original expectations.

I had expected not to be able to indulge as much as in past years, given the fact that my mother isn’t supposed to drink any more due to falls and other health reasons. As I never ordered yusheng or bought takeaway myself if I’m not allowed to add a generous dose of brandy or vodka to the raw fish, it had seemed likely that little or no yusheng would pass my lips this year.

While I abstained from putting out money for yusheng, others who ate with me weren’t as abstemious, starting from the second day of CNY at my sister’s where we always eat our kai-nian fan. A nephew got a rough and ready portion from a hawker in Commonwealth Avenue to complement the home cooked meal. It was good, even if at $18 it was really cheap — for yusheng!

This was followed a few days later — the 7th day of CNY and Ren day — when a brother bought vegetarian yusheng from a temple in Punggol to add to the home cooked dishes at mum’s. Her Picky cooked for the visiting families who are related in one way or another to Tan Yeow Joo, my late grandfather.

Alas, because these relatives all arrived at different times and fell upon the main meal immediately, we had to postpone the lo-hei to dessert time, by when I had forgotten to take a picture! 🙄

Still, I made up for it with subsequent lo-heis I took part in, starting with the grand affair of the Association of Banks in Singapore where for almost 3 hours on Feb 2, the Marina Mandarin’s ballroom saw more bankers per metre than at Raffles Place, Shenton Way and Marina Bay Financial Centre put together.

The same night at chair yoga at Kampung Glam Community Club, the two sifus threw a mini lohei for the class apres yoga and, because some students are vegetarians, the yusheng –made from a recipe by one of the sifu’s mum — was also luxuriously vegetarian, with vegetarian abalone contributed by moi. I got them from Esther boss of my fav vegetarian restauant, Create Healthy Lifestyle at Fortune Centre.

The next day happened to be the monthly lunch group’s pig-out and this time we did it at Jumbo at Dempsey. It was good but I wasn’t done yet.

On Saturday, I returned to the old mansion (now newly restored) for my first invite for an Open House there. It’s been 10 years since I celebrated Chinese New Year with that family at the Old Mansion. How things have changed!

And last but not least, last night I enjoyed a smashing 8-course vegetarian dinner, complete with yusheng and cold appetisers at New Fut Kai at 282 Jalan Besar hosted by brother SY. The restaurant had relocated from Kitchener Road and tho the new place was smaller, the food was just as good. And needless to say, the place was packed!

1st lo-hei of year at sister's home

food at my home prior to dessert lo-hei

el grand one at Marina Mandarin

tossing equally grand 😀


made with love by the sifus of Kg Glam

the yoga toss for luck


one of my fake abalones



Jumbo's yusheng


the Grand Mansion's version of tossing


New Fut Kai's vegetarian yusheng


the extended family tossing together


...after which dinner began with these sumptuous cold appetisers

2 contrasting meals in one day

Last week, I inviegled AE to take me up to Woodlands to buy more smoked pork knuckles from Wang Foong. Die-die I must eat the stuff again — and AE the good soul not only agreed to drive but also brought along chiller bags with the necessary ice-packs too.

Natch to say, we went a bit crazy and then discovering that Fassler was next door, we loaded up on fresh mushrooms (half the prices charged by Cold Storage downtown or anywhere else for that matter!) plus some fish and sauces!

But that pre-prep food venture isn’t the main course of this post.

Rather, it was the organic vegetarian cafe called Sunny Choice at Rail Mall that AE introduced me to on our way back from Woodies that not only filled my stomach and thrilled my taste buds but also provided a cure for sore eyes. The plating and taste were far superior to my usual hangout Create Healthy Lifestyle at Fortune Centre but with superior prices too!

For example, the ABC juice at Sunny costs $6, compared to $4.50 at Create which I already thot expensive, when at Clementi Mall’s basement juicer, it comes in a larger helping — for all of $3.20.

Sunny’s sushi roll (the standard of most organic veggie joints) costs $6 too, whereas Create charges $3.50. Even at the hoity-toity Sophie’s (4th level, Fortune Centre), it’s only $3.80 — at least it was when I last ate there, mayb two years ago.

Guess the extra is for the sunny ambience of the cafe.

By contrast, the same night I joined my chair yoga mates from Kampung Glam Community Club for a spot of hot pot at House of Hot Pot in Tan Quee Lan Street. The Lim yoga gurus hosted, to celebrate their 20th semester of chair yoga teaching at Kg G.

It was again a meal guaranteed to give vegetarians a nightmare as the plates upon plates of free flow pork, chicken, beef and seafood were delivered to our table. True, there was also plentiful of veggie, seaweed and mushrooms of all variety and hue but as we let the meats and the rabbit food mix in the hot pot brew of tongue tingling tastes, it’s really very hard for even true blue vegetarians to resist.

But resist one young yoga classmate did as she is a full-time vegetarian — unlike me who is vegetarian part-time and erratic! It helped too that the gurus had specially brewed what they called “the soup of love” — a non-meat, non-seafood brew for her to cook the veggie, mushrooms et al in!

Now I can’t think of a day where I ate two meals that are as different as chalk from cheese 😉

most flavorful lei cha fan

tauhu goreng with pumpkin paste

pricey veggie sushi

Hot pot butcher's brew

when veggie meets meat