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The joys of turning 90!

Almost two years ago to the month, I was persuaded to join a “bonding” trip to Melaka with my friend and her friends mainly because her octogenarian mum was also going.

Not that I’m an octogenarian (yet) but I do so loathe the rushing around that these two-day one-niters involve. But with an octogenarian onboard, I reasoned there won’t be much rushing around.

I was wrong, as indicated in my post back in 2010. The matriarch of five kids, many grandchildren and equally numerous great-grandchildren was feisty and always ready to go even when those one-third her age felt they have had enough. So I was obliged not to be outdone by her several times on that trip. 😥

On Saturday night I went to her birthday party at Golden Peony Restaurant at the Conrad International Hotel and discovered that the matriarch wasn’t 87 like I thought on that Melaka trip. She was already 88 back then, as last night marked her 90th birthday. Wow!

I will let the photos below do the talking but my takeaway from the event is that there are many joys to be 90 — if you have most of your faculties intact and a loving and large family with not a little bit of moolah.

If only all of us can write such a formula as we row towards that glittering golden shore 😆 😆

Birthday party kicked off with one grand-daughter acting as MC


Let the feasting begin….

My table: note the ultra petite ultra tasty sushi rolls?









First course of sweet and savour longevity buns









Then came the delectable hor d'eurves


Steamed sea perch with chye poh



Chicken roulade: far surpasses the standard German version!


Bamboo pith on bed of tofu


Pumpkin soup with seafood treasures: good to very last drop!


Longevity noodles with langoustine






Double sweet endings: birthday cup cake n sago, mango soup







And so we say a warm goodnight to the birthday girl, happpy yet envious of her good long and happy life!

Party winding down as part of family gathers round the much-loved birthday girl