Pleasure that G funding gives

Even though I can afford to buy my own lunch, it’s always a pleasure to be given a free lunch by anyone, so long as that someone isn’t an arch enemy or even worse.

Thus it gave me much pleasure to receive $190 worth of G funding for use on my mother — that amount paid 95% of the cost of having a senior staff nurse come to my home to train one of our two  helpers to look after mum, now that she’s bed ridden and completely incapable of looking after herself in every way.

This was arranged by the Ministry of Health’s Agency for Integrated Care.

In addition, AIC helped mum get a monthly $100, starting this month, because she’s unable to look after herself.

However, we don’t qualify for any other subsidy or help as our home has an annual value above $21K.

Strangely, though, she could have gotten more if we rented out our home and instead lived in rented premises.

Or if I was still working and earned just enough to be in the income category which enjoys G subsidies including Workfare and what have you. By working, it’s income that counts, not the annual value of the home.

All quite whacky and convoluted. But me not to reason why. I am not G.

Makes me wonder if it’s time to go back to work. Perhaps part-time at Fairprice where I keep seeing posters begging for full and part time cashiers and store assistants?

And perhaps falling into the Government’s “trap” of getting more elderly Singaporeans to rejoin the workforce?

Still, after some subsidy having come our way– though not all subsidies that I think my mum should be entitled to since she’s already 89 — I really shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

Neigh!! 🙄


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