Not even half a cent..

.. will I contribute to Roy Ngerng’s defence against the defamation suit that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has brought against him concerning Ngerng’s allegations about the CPF and Mr Lee.

People who make their own beds should lie in them and not ask for help when it comes up all thorns instead of roses 🙄

I am certain I belong to the millions of CPF members who didn’t encourage, let alone, ask him to make a song and dance about my CPF.

So, no, I won’t contribute anything to him, let alone $ to pay for his defence. Not even half a cent, geddit??


13 thoughts on “Not even half a cent..

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  2. “People who make their own beds should lie in them and not ask for help when it comes up all thorns instead of roses”

    I am sure you have never helped any “undeserving” people in need in your short life.

  3. Xmen

    There is a difference between helping those who are in difficulties due to life circumstances which Aunt Lucia has clearly demonstrated compassion. as compared to those who decide to be foolhardy and given chances yet still proceeds on despite being warned

    Aunt Lucia

    Wishing you and your a good week ahead

  4. Thank you Uncle Wang. Thank goodness there are more people like you in SG than the likes of RN and his supporters.

    Xmen: I am always open to giving a few $ to those selling tissues, whether they are genuine or not. Read my blog posts and you will see.

    In fact, seeing how RN is supposed to have garnered financial support of $70K and rising, his may be the sort of business model some of the uncles and aunties in desperate straits may want to emulate. But then, I think they would have more conscience than to malign LHL the way RN has done, monetary support or not! 🙄

  5. I suggest that you take a step back and look at the big picture before you make such ignorant comment as “not even half a cent…”

    You may disagree with RN’s position on CPF. But I have no doubt about his sincerity and I don’t believe he was out to defame anyone. Your post was unthoughtful and mean. There are so many polarizing issues facing Singapore today (immigration, employment security, minimum wage, welfare, education, transportation) and people are going to take opposite positions. Suing electoral to muzzle opposing viewpoints is not a democratic way to address the problem.

    P.s. It will be a nice token even if you don’t just a cent to RN’s defense fund. You still don’t have to agree with his position but Singaporeans should take a STRONG position on being able to speak out freely. Next time, it will be an issue that you really care about….

  6. “X-men, I have amended your comment…”

    No problem, at least you are transparent about it. Good night.

  7. If you think killing our CPF is a good cause then I won’t argue with you. It’s like believing the Brits’ colonisation of SG is a good thing 👿

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