How to match Govt’s $8bn Pioneer Package

The Government is setting aside $8bn — to self grow to $9bn — to kick start a Pioneer Generation package that will fund much of the health care needs of Singaporeans, born or recruited, so long as they were born in 1949 or earlier.

It occurred to me that we the people of Singapore can actually match and even surpass that giving over the next 30 years (guess by then 99% of the Pioneer Generation would have gone back to the stars!), if we really put our mind to it.

And we needn’t look to the rich and powerful exclusively for this miracle.

Instead, do it the $2 a day way. (Why $2 a day? Read my post here)

If 450,000 (the magic number in the Pioneer Generation) people living in SG were to give $2 a day to a needy stranger, it means $900K would be handed out daily.

Multiply that by 365 days, that would be about $330 million given out a year. Multiply that by 10 years, that would be $3.3 billion. Multiply that by 30 years, that would be $9.9 billion.

On paper, the sums work out beautifully.

In reality, the devil is in getting as many as 450,000 people here to give $2 every day, even if I am not expecting exactly the same 450,000 donors day in and out!

This is because 450,000 folks are 3 times the size of Ang Mo Kio or about 150,000 families. A mammoth number to mobilise on a daily basis by any yardstick! 🙄

The other devil is finding the 450,000 needy persons to receive the $2 (or more) everyday.

Because say what we like against the PAP G, there just aren’t 450,000 needy people in SG, however hard we look. Even under the SMRT tracks. 😆

But a more do-able number may be to target 45,000 needy folks with $2 gifts?


2 thoughts on “How to match Govt’s $8bn Pioneer Package

  1. How abt saving the $2 per day until it becomes lump sum then recipient will appreciate more rather than the daily $2 daily which may be deemed as trickle and disappears quite easily.jen sim

  2. Jen, that can be done too. I won’t like to be over prescriptive. Give in whatever way that suits you. For myself, I like to keep it simple and unencumbered 🙂

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