Wrongly charged 3 times for one meal…

… at Ichiban Boshi at Great World City.

Incredible though it may sound, this is exactly what happened when I went to pay for the lunch that mum, my sister D and Picky Siti consumed today.

The first bill that the cashier punched out looked suspiciously overloaded with the number of plates of sushi we consumed. Although the sashimi we ate was correctly tallied.

When I queried, the cashier said X were the sushi dishes we had taken from the conveyer belt.

As we had ordered all our sushi direct from the kitchen, I asked the cashier to double check.

She did and came back to confirm I was right.

The next bill she presented me with then looked suspiciously low in value.

Aha! Our gindara set lunch had been omitted.

Although I was a bit irritated, I couldn’t make myself not tell since the set cost about $25 be4 service and GST.

So I got a 3rd bill, this time with the gindara set included.

Then I realised the hot sake we drank had been left out! 🙄

I asked for that to be included.

And voila!

I finally got the correct bill!

Which makes me wonder how often diners are uncharged or over-charged in that restaurant! 🙄

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