MOM! 11 days to get letter to me?

Well, I never!

As someone who likes to cross Ts, dot I’s and close loops, the letter which arrived today from the Ministry of Manpower has put me in a tizzy.

Dated Dec 16, it gave me till Jan 9, 2014 to get my mum’s Picky Siti do her 6-monthly medical check up.

Hello, today is Dec 27.

So it’s taken the letter 11 days to arrive, leaving me just 13 days to take her for the check up.

Normally, it might not have mattered a lot. Even though if I am so free, I won’t need a helper to help me look after my physical and memory challenged mum.

But this is the year end, with plenty of other things to do. Plus, a public holiday in between. And we — mum, Picky and I plus several friends — are going away for 6 days from Jan 2.

I know MOM may have its hands full with those folks in Little India who burn police cars, beat up Singapore police officers and other Singaporeans and do other dastardly stuff such as drinking themselves into a parallel universe.

But is it asking too much to expect that some attention still be paid to law abiding citizens who come under MOM’s purview?

Can’t MOM ensure its serious and time-sensitive communications don’t take as long as 11 days to arrive? Even a person crawling from MOM’s Havelock Road office would have arrived faster at my home, I am sure.

And if MOM can’t ensure that its letters arrive in timely manner, then how about sending them two months earlier and following that with reminders to employers by email?

I would have liked to go on and on about how much of a spanner MOM’s untimely letter has thrown on my rather tight schedule over the next few days.

But better not fritter away my precious time, once I’ve got this off my chest. 🙄


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