Are they Singaporean?

Okay, I will probably be thought to be racist, xenophobic, what have you.

But I must get this off my chest, even as B once said, not at all in jest: Can you afford it?


Seriously too I wonder if Singapore had really ceased to be a Brit colony back in 1959 or 1963?

I wonder about this particularly tonight while I was watching the 10.30pm business news on Channel News Asia.

The anchor woman was a kwai poh or at least looked like one.

The main figure reciting the Singtel fire saga mea culpa — about a fire that disrupted services for 60,000 subscribers was due to shortcomings in the telco’s fire safety practices — was a kwai lo. And he the chairman of Singtel some more!

The next item on the CNA bulletin was about high yielding stocks on SGX. And the man from SGX extolling this great gift to investors was — you’ve guessed it! A kwai lo!

The anchor then interviewed an economist. Not surprisingly, he too was a kwai lo.

At this point, I gave up watching.

Nothing against this stream of non-Asians on the small screen.

Just made me think of T S Eliot and the Wasteland. “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

Oh, the futility of throwing off the colonial yoke when in the end we may be back to where we were before my parents shouted Merdeka along with the folks in white! 🙄


5 thoughts on “Are they Singaporean?

  1. Sad isn’t ? Lack of self esteem and the belief somewhat that they are better seem to proliferate amongst Singaporeans and no amount of education seem to help partly because of our lethargic attitude to addressing wrongdoings even in front of our eyes.jennyowl

  2. Jen, as I told you today, it’s ironic that we should be complaining about the kwai los using their native/national language. 🙄

    I think this may explain why we continue to suffer from this colonial cringe and it’s almost a reflex action to consider that West is best.

    This reflex is most obvious among the ruling elite, both politicians and big business.

    So sad. Other nations have their own native tongues whereas we continue to be so proud to use English as the language of administration and business.

    Still as you say, given our status n stage in life, ours shouldn’t be to reason why. Ours is to accept and ultimately die 😥

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