Gr8 to be alive with Medishield Life

Let me start by saying, I am delighted with the concept of Medishield Life, whatever the naysayers in the coming weeks and months might make of it.

I like it because for once when my mother reaches her critical birthday — 90 years old in April 2015 — she won’t get, instead of a happy birthday card, a notification from the CPF saying sorry old lady you have outlived your eligibility to be insured.

It’s happened twice already  and I had been expecting to receive the same kind of notification on or just be4 mum’s 90th birthday.

Unless, of course, the consultations that Health Minister Gan Kim Yong is initiating take forever.

Hopefully not.

Or if he can’t wrap things up quickly due to the complexity of launching universal health insurance for Singaporeans, then I hope that G would at least fast track Medishield Life coverage for those knocking on the doors of 90.

By all means, hum and hah over life-long coverage for younger Singaporeans but for older folks, it’s truly a case of “time is of the essence.”

Let me modify what Marvell wrote centuries ago:

“Had we life enough and time,

long drawn consultation Minister is no crime,

We could sit and think which way

To go and pass our day with debates and more debates…

Alas at our back we always hear

Time’s winged chariot hurrying near.

And before the naughty nighties lie

Deserts of vast eternity.

Medishield Life shall no more be of use

In marble niches or at bottom of the sea!”.

PS Hope Marvell isn’t turning in his grave at this doggerel!


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