Curious case of intern who got whacked

I refer to the 29-year-old “intern” who got whacked on his head by his supervisor besides being verbally abused with vulgarities.

The company where he worked has been identified as Encore eServices and the supervisor as Alan Lee.

OK, I didn’t see the 17-second video clip that went viral via YouTube but I take it that it can’t all be made up.

Not when it’s been reported in the Straits Times and other newspapers as well as being shown on TV.

And everyone and his uncle who are in HR or trade unions — or even if they aren’t in either but are just normal human beings — have waxed indignation, even anger, against the supervisor.

I however don’t quite know what to make of this.

First, I find it incredible that there is a man in his prime who won’t retaliate when a supervisor slaps him on the head while scolding him. In jest perhaps but not when it’s for real. 🙄

Why didn’t the intern move away, protest and yes, retaliate? Whatever happened to his brain? Or sense of self-preservation?

Second, why is a graduate of 29 interning for as long as three years, earning as little as $500 per month and working for as long as 12 hours per day? Besides getting scolded regularly?

The pay and hours of work aren’t even reasonable for toilet or food court cleaners who being old, poor and uneducated may not have other options.

But surely not a graduate in his prime? Unless he is a martyr or a masochist or there is something particularly rewarding that made him attached to his work place?

Third, his parents stepping forward to demand $100K in compensation.

I gasp.

The intern isn’t 9 but 29. He is a graduate. Shouldn’t he be the one to initiate the move to seek compensation, not his ma and pa?

After all, I thought parents no longer need to represent their children once they come of age, unless the child is in some ways incapable.

Like I said, there’s something in this intern-whacked-by-boss story that doesn’t quite add up. I don’t know what it is but I wish the media who went to town with it had had at least sought some answers to these questions 🙄


5 thoughts on “Curious case of intern who got whacked

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  2. You should start by watching the video and then imagine yourself in the victim’s shoes. Not the abuser’s shoes.

    What sort of answers or excuses are you looking for? Same “answers” as for those who abuse their maids that “adds up”?

  3. Babo, I’ve removed your very offensive taunts. If you return and make similar, I shall not entertain your nonsense.

    However, I have allowed what are reasonable points to go through. I wish to assure you that I am indeed looking at the whole saga from the “victim’s” viewpoint. And I can’t for the life of me understand why he didn’t at minimum walk.

    And it’s not theoretical. When I was a relief teacher, I was so fed-up with the HM’s treatment of the kids that I threatened to go to MOE. In fact, the HM lost his job not many months later, though I must add it was due to other teachers’ complaints and on more serious issues.

    Also, in another organisation, when I was still a rookie, I was so appalled by the rest room facilities in our office that I went to the MD to say I was sure the health authorities would be very interested to know the circumstances we were working in. Facilities improved. I didn’t lose my job.

    And know that the times I’m talking about were in the period when SG was still in the 3rd world and jobs were harder to get.

    That is why I continue to wonder why Alan’s victim suffered for so long in today’s climate and would have continued to do so had not another intern make the video.

    As for your crack about maids and their abusive employers, let me assure you that none of the maids I’ve employed and am employing or have come across would tolerate even mild scoldings, let alone being slapped around, however lightly. Unless you have personal experience of FDWs’ tolerance of bad employers, please refrain from citing outliers that you have only read about. Geddit?

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