Elective mastectomy

Years and years ago, I went to SGH to visit a dear friend who was going through tough times in her professional and personal life.

I wondered why she had to add one more burden to her already much burdened life.

She had an elective double-mastectomy. Her surgeon was the famous plastic surgeon Dr Martin Huang who was still in public service at that time — which underlines just how long ago it was.

I didn’t and still don’t know why my friend opted for that operation. She didn’t have any illness — immediate or potential — that I was aware of that made the drastic step mandatory.

My friend is still hale and hearty today, although being accident prone she’s had a broken elbow and ankle in the intervening years.

Hearing and reading the much repeated news of Angelina Jolie’s elective double mastectomy today brought back that episode that had sunk into the back roads of my mind!

In the past, women cut off their long hair when they wanted to move on in life. In the present, many still do opt for this.

But maybe radical surgery could become the new normal for a small minority? 😥





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