So, so hypocritical!

Today, I was forced to buy 3 Ikea blue “re-usable” bags for a total cost of $1.50. One medium sized bag for 90 cents to carry some $20 worth of mostly plastic products that I found super cheap. Another 60 cents were spent on two smaller bags to carry food that I also found were super cheap.

For the $20 spent in the store, I got a large dish drainer and tray, a set of 17 plastic re-usable boxes, two pot holders and a glass vase.  Gr8 buys for the money right?

Ditto the food from the Ikea cafeteria and delicatessen. A large pack of smoked salmon for $12.50! Three jars of pickled herrings for $5.80. Two bars of dark chocolate for under $5!

In addition, I bought cooked food that would feed three at dinner! Six of Ikea’s famous deep fried chicken wings plus BBQ baby back ribs and a large bag of French fries. Very good value for about $18.

As the cold food couldn’t mix with the piping hot food, I opted to splash 60 cents on two small Ikea bags.

I have no quarrels with these gr8 value for money purchases.

But I have huge quarrels with the store’s sheer hypocrisy in claiming to help save the environment first with its “no free disposable plastic bags” policy that started some 6 years ago and second, since last month only “re-usable” plastic bags are available — at a price to the customer, of course.

As a result, I spent $1.50 on three bags that I might or might not re-use. Chances are they will be discarded as I’m not in a hurry to return to Ikea where I will bring the bags, if I remember. Perhaps in another 6 month? Since today I already bought all I wanted to buy.

Unlike plastic disposable bags, Ikea’s blue bags are no good as bin liners or for wrapping wet trash be4 sending it down the rubbish.

So major fail Ikea if you truly believe you are saving the environment with your bag policy.

But what takes the cake in Ikea’s high-handed action to deprive customers the choice of plastic bags in the name of being environmentally friendly is that the policy is coupled with one that offers the shopper 3 hours’ of free parking for just $5 spent!

Thus I was pleasantly surprised that at the car park exit the $8+ worth of parking charge was wholly and completely offset by the complimentary pass given me after I made my purchases.

Of course I drive a tiny-tiny car and I live not too far away from Ikea. So the carbon foot print of my being encouraged to drive to shop at Ikea may not be gigantic.

But not all shoppers at Ikea are like me. So what little environmental pollution that’s been saved by its bag policy may be partly or even wholly offset by its customers’ cars!

Leading to at best a greenie gesture that doesn’t deliver 🙄 And leaving me with three useless blue bags 😥



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