Khaw Boon Wan doesn’t geddit!

The media says that Mr Khaw Boon Wan told a Our Singapore Conversation group that there is “something wrong somewhere” with the Executive Condominium (EC) scheme and the scheme cannot carry on in its current form.

Here is the link to the Straits Times version of this confession and the brick bats thrown at him for his belated Eureka moment!

I could have told him so — and did — in January when I wrote a post extensively on the G’s Medusa-like HDB policies. Here is the link and the screen shot.

not just EC policy, Mr Khaw :(

not just EC policy, Mr Khaw 😦

I believe the most important and urgent U-turn is for G to stop continuing to promise all future Singaporeans a HDB home. The first, second and 3rd generations of Singaporeans born and bred have already had their first and in some cases second and third — and for all we know even fourth!! — bites.

Let fourth and future generations either inherit, rent or work and save up to buy from the market, whether HDB resale or private.

Otherwise G may be doing to future generations what Singapore used to laugh at — the welfare state of our ex-colonial masters which ultimately took the Great out of Britain!

We — at least I — don’t want the PAP’s 80% public housing policy to be the Archilles heel that takes the zing out of Singapore 🙄 😥

4 thoughts on “Khaw Boon Wan doesn’t geddit!

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  2. Too late bro, it is already a millstone around Singapore neck. Damn if they remove it, damn if they dont.

  3. Privatising the housing market is going to put an albatross around many Singaporeans’ neck so big that marriage and fertility rates plunge even further, and cost of living shoots up even more. Instead HDB needs to go the other way, to focus on basic housing at affordable prices that people can only sell back to HDB. That was how HDB could be priced at 30 months’ income 30 years ago, compared to 60+ months today.

  4. Uncle Aiyoh: Just because something has become a big problem doesn’t mean G should just wring its hands n do nothing.

    Uncle SG Scores: I don’t know why people must own their own homes if they can’t afford to? Shouldn’t it be like all other goods? Cut your coat according to your cloth. The G should provide basic housing for rent at subsidised rates. Let those who can’t or refuse to work towards owning their own home remain in rented premises forever, generation after generation. For the rest, it’s only right that if they work hard, they should be able to own their own home and not be pushed to compete with those who depend on government hand outs because they can’t afford to otherwise.

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