Use lucky draw as magic wand to clear trays

This thought came to me as I ate a hurried lunch today at West Mall’s Koufu Food Court be4 rushing back to the other flat where mum’s Picky was doing me a favour and giving it a lick and a spit be4 new tenants who replace Bernard move in on Monday.

The food court was packed and no one but no one cleared their tray when they were done 🙄

Some time ago, I took a pix of a notice pasted on the table of a cafe or food court I was eating at and thought “fat hope” in relation to the message addressed to all and sundry.


Dream on?

Since the clear your tray campaign started in earnest late last year, G-owned food centres have been going full tilt, even with oil company Exxon Mobil chipping in $2 per tray returned to go to a fund for low income families, capped at $5,000 which amounts to 2,500 trays returned.

New tray drop off points have been created hither and thither and all sorts of suggestions have surfaced in on and offline media, including refundable deposits for trays — v much like the supermarket trolley — to ensure their return.

I predict with confidence that the campaign will be a major fail using moral suasion or do-good methodology.

Instead, I propose a complete no-brainer. Reward each tray returned with a lucky draw ticket; two if turned with at least two used utensils and other dispoables like tissue papers, drink cans.

If the prize is suitably attractive — a national quarterly draw with say $20,000 going to the winning ticket — we should see a new eagerness to clear not only one’s tray but possibly even that of one’s neighbours.

And a certain coterie who measure out their lives by hanging around food courts and hawker centres could with the lucky draw be incentivised to do unpaid voluntary work and clear up any trays that have not already been dealt with.

So come on National Environment Agency! Get the ball rolling and get some real and lasting compliance with your clear your tray campaign 😆


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