Really, get real!

When I first saw her speaking on TV a few weeks ago, in eye-catching cyclamen pink, I wondered whether she was an actress doing a skit. Then I saw her again on TV tonite and realised she’s not an actress. But the real McCoy!

Ms Ow Bin Bing was among the 180+ investors of a defunct gold trading company who signed a petition earlier this month urging the Commercial Affairs Department to step up investigations into the failed business in which they had invested a lot of money.

Today, Ms Ow was again among those collecting signatures to petition against the setting up of a child-care centre at the rooftop garden of a multi-storey carpark at Blk 180, Edgefield Plains in Punggol.

Speaking on camera, Ms Ow said:  “If the small kids – two months old baby to seven years small kids, if anything happened, how can they run for their life? Let’s say if there was a fire or anything, I have been teaching for 27 years, I know the small kids are very active, if anything were to happen, who will be responsible for their safety?”

I’m sure SG will get to hear more of and from Ms Ow!


At Hong Lim Park


No to child-care centre!


2 thoughts on “Really, get real!

  1. i tot i heard her say something like:”if there is childcare centre in pungool, u tell me the ppty prices will go up or down?”

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