Mother of all inflation to dry up my bank account?

As I mentioned in the post before this, Singaporeans should expect the Mother of All Inflation when G starts to roll out the 700,000 housing units and all the supporting facilities to support a “worst case scenario” of 6.9 million people living in this tiny island home of ours.

Because the economy cannot but overheat when billions $ are being splashed all over the place.

When that happens, I wonder how much the dry cleaner shop I use will charge me for laundering my balcony drapes and sitting room window curtains?

I wonder because in less than seven months the cost of sending them to this dry cleaner auntie who operates at Pek Kio market has gone up by 33%.

The bill for the two sets I sent for washing and ironing (note not dry cleaning!) in June last year was $60. The bill for the two alternate sets I sent last month was $80. When I protested, the dry cleaner auntie said:”Eh, I already give you a $4 discount. Should be $84!”

I guess I shall have to wait till mid-year when the next lot of curtains are due for their half-yearly ablutions 🙄

It could be curtains for nice curtains. Maybe I should go to Giants n buy some plastic sheets to use in place? 🙄

2 thoughts on “Mother of all inflation to dry up my bank account?

  1. Hi Auntie Audrey: I really won’t know but normally isn’t per capita GDP obtained by dividing GDP with the number of residents? Btw, thanks for “liking” About tho not sure what there is to like about 🙄

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