When there are 7 million in SG in 2030…

… I shall be over the hills — but hopefully not under them — sans car (not because I’m too old to drive but COE will by then be definitely beyond my budget, as if it isn’t already, hur, hur, hur) sans future but certainly not sans company as I shuffle along the 1,000 metres of covered walkways (the $700 million to provide them should be spent by then and then some!) to the nearest MRT station .

With 7 million folks milling in my island country, I shall never have to walk alone. Indeed, my feet might never need to touch the ground as the crowds bear me along.

So, no, when I am old and even greyer than now, I won’t need to petition G for travalators to be installed on the walkways. Neither would I  need to fear about tripping over, as sandwiched by the crowds in front and the crowds behind, I’m safely cocooned like a baby in its mother’s harness.

These must be a very comforting plus plus point for those of us who want to continue to call SG home – now and forever.

More immediate plus-plus benefits from this 7-million peeps plan will definitely go to the property tycoons, contractors, migrant recruiters and all those who will enjoy the spillover effect from the manic population explosion!

With 700,000 homes to be built in the space of 17 years ( about 40,000 per annum) besides MRT lines, extensions and stations to the right and left, north and south, there will an unprecedented building boom concertinaed into a short time-frame.

Given this, the writers of the White Paper are IMHO needlessly conservative when they forecast slower economic growth. How can? When there will be billions upon billions of $ poured into the economy, how can it go anywhere but up, up and away?

Years ago, when G introduced the annual $1billion HDB upgrading program, it was sold as  a counter cyclical way to pump prime the economy and ensure there would be a 2% growth come financial rain or tsunami.

Since then, the economy has become far larger and it would take more than $1 billion to provide a constant 2% prop. The 700,000 new homes + innumerable supporting infrastructure building comes in handy.

There will of course be the mother of all inflation with billions being pumped into the economy to build. Add to that the tens of thousands coming here to work, study, shop and/or live and one could see every $1 spent being multiplied several times…

Yet another thought that the 7 million people plan brings to mind is how timely of the HDB to introduce a concession for first-timer married home buyers with kids under 16!

Tailor-made again IMHO for indecisive PRs humming and hahing over whether to become Singaporeans.

Now a brand new HDB home at hugely subsidised prices could prove the ultimate carrot for some of the undecided. And help Singapore to build its core of Singaporeans!

Finally, I wish G won’t sell its 7 million people plan as a giant effort to hold back the tide of an ageing population. As some online critics have pointed out, what next as the 7 million also ages? Raise the population some more? Won’t it be like King Canute or a cat chasing its tail?

Seems to me it would be far more palatable to present the plan as one to give Singapore critical mass. No global city is without critical mass. So we must have that critical mass. With critical mass, we won’t become irrelevant, let alone be swallowed by neighbours who turn hungry!


2 thoughts on “When there are 7 million in SG in 2030…

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