December diet: part 1

The word “diet” gives the wrong impression. It’s actually about the food I’ve been eating in December — too much, especially of the kind that’s really good for my taste buds but probably nothing else.

Actually, the feasting had started in late November already.


No prize for guessing where this was!

Nov 13 and 21: One feast was to commemorate his passing; the other to mark what would have been his 104 birthday, if he were still around.

Sweet ending

My usual sweet ending

What these two pix prove is that the person who hosts this dinner is consistent in choice of restaurant and I am consistent in the food I went for.  To underline this, check random previous posts on this recurring occasion here and here.

As for the other November event, it was held at the old mansion in Cairnhill. It was a low key but nevertheless grand dinner. Mainly for family — which includes Singapore’s first couple — and some fortunate old acquaintances like yours truly.

There were more than 10 tables and the older folks sat downstairs while the younger ones were assigned to sit on the second floor. Just as well I was included among the “older folks” because it was a buffet and I could imagine the disaster I would cause by toppling over while carrying my food from the first floor to the second 🙄

It was catered by a well known restaurant in town belonging to one of the family’s stable of companies. I found myself sitting at the same table with one of Singapore’s best known among the nation’s educational and corporate elite. Just polite chatter. Also had some polite exchange with the first couple at the buffet table: the first time I have spoken to them since their elevation :D!


What I ate at the old mansion

Finally, I always like to bring the head of family a little something, as a token of appreciation to be included in the commemorative event — though in all practical terms, what could I bring that would be meaningful to someone who not only has everything but also that everything is multiplied many times over!

Still, I brought a bouquet, going all the way to my sister’s Ghim Moh florist to ensure I get one that’s uniquely put together. Despite my efforts, the bouquet turned out to be really ho-hum and I might as well have grabbed it from the ready-made ones atVeronica’s in Great World City or Tanglin Mall! 😦


Ghim Moh bouquet gracing Cairnhill


More food pix akan datang!


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