WP is gracious in victory

That’s what I thought of the way the Workers’ Party handled its suprisingly (to me anyway) good victory. At least in the manner Low Thia Khiang, Sylvia Lim, Lee Li Lian and Ah Huat handled their press conference earlier this morning

They were clearly delighted that their party won quite handsomely: it’s by 3,000+ votes leh and not the the 300 votes that were being twittered around be4 pole faced n squeaky voiced Yam Ah Mee made his pronouncement.

There was no trace of triumphalism among the WP leaders; no excessive and unrealistic ambitions, with Chairman Lim pointing out in answer to a reporter’s leading question. The Opposition with only 10 seats out of 90 in Parliament is a long way from being able to form a government.

So, no, unlike Chua Mui Hoong of the Straits Times, I think what happened in Punggol East last night is no tipping point for the PAP or politics in Singapore — yet.

But the PAP could make it the tipping point all the same if it doesn’t accept defeat with the same graciousness with which WP embraced victory.

Take the PAP’s press conference to concede defeat and congratulate the WP.

The slight smiles on the faces of Teo Chee Hean and Koh Poh Koon were painful to see. They were more like grimaces plastered there out of PR necessity than a genuine acceptance that the majority of citizens in Punggol East had gone with the WP!

Also, i couldn’t help noticing how Mr Teo kept clenching his fists or his impatience in asking if there were “any more questions” –that wasn’t a real invitation for more but a signal to close for the night.

Hopefully what I saw last night was just the natural human reaction to an unexpected and unwanted event and that the simmering disappointment and/or anger at being rejected wouldn’t be carried over to the handing over of Punggol East’s Town Council infrastructure to the WP.

Otherwise Punggol East could go down in the PAP’s history as the truly tipping point 😥 😥


6 thoughts on “WP is gracious in victory

  1. Auntielucia:

    Me salutes You for your reading of body language. Think You are spot on at deciphering the DPM.

    When Dr Colorectal Surgeon was announced officially as the Candidate, first impression me got was; not bad, decent looking. Then claims were made that he is a Punggol Boy and his poverty stricken background informations started to kick in. I got very sympathetic to him, he just did not understand what he was trying to do.

    Why in the World did he needs to blow his trumpet of his success and humbleness of staying in HDB? He was either boasting about his hardwork and achievement and or fishing for sympathy. Neither is going to do him any good.

    As an educated man and a professional, he does not know that, just been born at a place or certain location has no bearing unless he grew up to be a man there? What a baffler!

    All said, me felt that he was unable to win the contest, somehow just felt that he was unable to connect. Whatever it was, it just seemed that that there was some kind of elitism in him

    And when he was chaperoned and propped by DPM Teo Chee Hean and the Other PAP Cabinet Members, it was as good as telling everyone, he was no more the Me, he claimed to be. At least whence he appeared with DPM Teo

    The DPM(Teo C H) had never failed to show that he was the Boss wherever, whenever and whatever he was and was doing. And dare me says, many do wish to see him joining DPM Wong Kan Seng as soon as possible.

    Anyway, with or without DPM, the Doc was not going to emerge the Winner. However, I do feel that with the Chaperon of him(DPM), his(Doc) had got lesser votes.


  2. Haha Uncle Reddot: the win has become part of our history. Whether or not it will mark the start of the end of PAP rule is an entirely different story. Even LTK has cautioned against reading too much into the win. As he is a very practical n realistic man, we shldn’t gainsay him. For all we know, PE cld mark the renaissance of the PAP!

  3. Neither will he ever get mine even if me am a elderly widow.
    Must say we the older sinkies have taste.
    However, it seemed younger voters were not impressed with him too, so it could be more than look; maybe his demeanours.


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