Medisave, Medifund & the elderly

I feel so reassured that our Health Minister Gan Kim Yong has stated that senior citizens would always receive the health care they need without having to worry about whether they can afford to pay their medical bills.

“The important message is that our senior citizens will always receive the necessary health-care services without worry about affordability,” Mr Gan said at a clan event according to various media reports.

The minister added: “I encourage all these elderly folks… if they have problems with their bills, do let the hospitals, public institutions, health-care institutions know.

“We’ll find different ways to help them.”

Medifund Silver, for instance, is a scheme for needy patients aged 65 and older, he cited.

“We also have given the hospitals a lot of flexibility in terms of eligibility criteria, so that they can reach out to more elderly who are in need of support for their healthcare needs.”

This being so, I don’t understand why Mr Gan has to urge caution regarding the Workers Party Punggol East candidate Lee Li Lian’s suggestion that those older than 75 should be allowed to use their Medisave without restriction.

“We have to be mindful these are very important savings of the elderly, and they will continue to need the savings as they grow older,” the minister said.

If there is always Medifund and Medifund Silver and a plethora of help for the needy, especially the elderly needy, why need there be any restrictions for use of their Medisave, especially when they are 75 or over?

It doesn’t make sense that a citizen shouldn’t rely on himself first — when there’s still $ in his Medisave account. It also doesn’t make sense to tap on tax payers’ money when there’s still $ in his Medisave account.

It’s like putting the cart be4 the horse. It’s like saving the water in one’s home to put out a small fire and calling the SCDF instead 🙄 🙄

Still, I’m delighted to note that Mr Gan gave a reminder of what’s in store for elderly Singaporeans this year. The age limit for MediShield, the national health insurance scheme, will be raised to 90!

Hopefully, this new limit won’t be put off limits to the elderly living in non HDB homes. Hopefully too, my elderly mum — who has been thrown out of the Medishield scheme twice already — will live long enough to be thrown out a third time! That’s something I personally look forward to  😆


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