Inane thots on Punggol East BE

First thought: SDP, despite its silly games in recent days trying to bait the Workers Party, ain’t daft. By throwing in the towel even be4 the real game has begun shows that it knows the $16K deposit it will surely lose on the night of Jan 26 makes for a very expensive candle just to play-play.

Second thought: The u-know-who’s from the other two parties if they go ahead with their promise (threat?) to put up candidates for the BE will surely make the state coffers $32K richer — besides having to bear other expenses during the 9 days of husting. If they think this kind of expensive candle is worth the game, then they are truly daft.

Third thought: stemming from thoughts one and two, it’s obvious why any Punggol resident who isn’t daft but is anti PAP won’t go for anyone else other than the Workers Party candidate. This is because she clearly has a far better chance than anyone from the rest of the Opposition to win against the PAP. Otherwise, the anti-PAP voters might as well spoil their votes, right  😆

Fourth thought: Poor Dr Koh Poh Koon. I won’t give him a drop of sympathy because he came from a poor family. What I do feel for him is why he allows such unflattering photos of himself to be captured? As an eternal sucker for good looking politicians, I really feel sorry for him that he isn’t more photogenic, especially when compared to his chief rival for the Punggol East seat! 😥


One more after thought, no less inane: The biggest potential loser in this upcoming BE is the PAP — if it loses the single seat ward to the WP. Yet could it afford not to take this gamble, if it wishes to maintain the moralistic high ground? But would the moralistic high ground remain tenable if (heaven forbid) 10 PAP were found to have done what Michael Palmer did — have an extramarital affair? Tenable I mean for both PAP and SG 😥


2 thoughts on “Inane thots on Punggol East BE

  1. Auntie Lucia
    Happy new year 2013
    To me, the interest has died down, as at least if SDP participated, it would be interesting to see the number of votes and percentage for 2 very distinct parties WP and SDP.
    For RP and SDA, well, we will see the value of family and past history to come.


  2. Uncle Wang! Hugs n a v happy 2013 n more to u.
    SDA: what history or family value? DL lost his deposit last time n will suffer same for sure! As for RP: peeps might admire his dad but it stops there. His son got to win our admiration. Speaking like a pucker pseudo Brit out of Brit comedy won’t do it, I’m afraid. 🙄

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