Dumb-ass service!

Tan Hsueh Yun, the SPH go-to food girl, raved in a recent Sunday Times piece about a certain Japanese seasoning that’s available at the Meidi Ya supermarket at Liang Court. She gave a detailed description of where three brands of the seasoning could be found, adding that it’s no point asking the supmart staff  as no one knew where anything was 🙄

I don’t know about Meidi Ya but I just had an experience — two to be exact– at a Cold Storage outlet out in the heartlands of Hougang that was far from funny, though if it was part of a comedy script, it would be!

As I’m not familiar with the outlet and as I didn’t want to waste time exploring, I asked one staff where I could find the garlic. Would you believe it! The staffer actually directed me to where the ginger was kept in the chiller!

Now if I don’t read English and can’t tell ginger from garlic, I would have gone home with the wrong stuff.

That was not all.

Later, i was looking for tang hoon and again to save time, asked for direction from two staffers stacking stock at the noodles and pasta section.

One told me to go around the corner. I went around the corner but saw nothing that resembled tang hoon and went back to them who continued busily stacking.

The staff who directed me to where the tang hoon wasn’t gamely walked back with me around the corner and pointed to a solitary packet hanging at the bottom of the display frame.

“It’s not tang hoon,” I said, tartly. “It’s agar agar.”

Staffer took a closer look and might have contradicted me if not for the fact that the words Agar Agar were there on the packaging! 🙄

He siddled back to his colleague with me in determinded tow and after telling her what I was looking for, she looked at me non-plus.

Both might have then said that there was none in stock — if not for the fact that I suddenly saw the light.

We were standing in front of the pasta, noodles and beehoon stack. Tang hoon would surely be here?

I glanced quickly at the shelves and then stooped down to look at the more obscure items on the lower shelves. I found not just one packet of tang hoon but several packets — and in two brands to boot! 😆


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