Poor bourgeois Singapore!

When I was an undergraduate reading English (yup, in my day, studying for a degree was called “reading”), the worst insult one could throw at anyone was to accuse him/her of having “middle-class” morality.

This came to mind on hearing the sudden and unexpected news that our Speaker (now ex) of Parliament, Mr Michael Palmer, had an affair with a staff (now also ex) of the People’s Association and resigned as Member of Parliament and Speaker of the House.

(As if he would have been allowed by his party to stay on, if he had said: “no, babe, I’m staying” — but that’s another story).

Rather the current story is that Singapore, despite all its efforts to remake itself into a fun, cool place (sex toy shops, brothels, casinos, same sex couples publicly holding hands, men dressed as women and vice versa and no one blinks an eye etc etc), there is a schizophrenic core.

Those in power and those aspiring to get into power remain very much like Victorian shop keepers with middle class morality!

I felt the same indignation when Mr Yaw Shin Leong ex-Workers Party treasurer was booted out by his party as I stated unequivocally here.

IMHO, if a highly placed person — man or woman — is a “player” (a la my Korean drama lingo), it shouldn’t matter, unless and until it’s been proven that the playing affects the job held; the playing leads to favouritism for the playee involved, the playee/s isn’t/aren’t old enough to be consensual in the play and last but not least, the playing is done publicly on inappropriate occasions such as the high official having a woman or man in either arm at an Istana party or horrors (!!) at the National Day Rally or Parade.

With such exceptions, we should really devour some French insouciance washed down by my favorite bubbly, Veut Clicquot 🙄

Go take a look at what two-term French president Mitterand did all the while he was president! 🙄


And take a gander at current French president Hollande’s private life! My goodness, he not only had affairs but had one so long lasting that it resulted in four children!


Now, if Mr Hollande were to pay a state visit to Singapore, I wonder if he would be given a ceremonial welcome? Or should we say no?

After all, if we can’t stomach having a Head of the House who dallied with a woman not his wife, can we as a nation with good conscience lay out the red carpet for a man who obviously can’t meet the high morals which Singapore places on our nationally elected leaders!


10 thoughts on “Poor bourgeois Singapore!

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  2. Hello, don’t confuse the issue. By your argument, Dalai Lama will be caging himself up in a mountain hole instead of going around the world to meet others that don’t share his values and practices. Palmer case is a matter of do we want someone of such morals to be in a significant decision making position such that the decisions made based on such morals may have unacceptable consequences to those that put him there.

  3. We were a British colony, not a French one. Leave the decadence to the Frogs.

    On a more serious note, while I don’t blame DPM Teo for not asking for privacy for the “other” gal (not his concern), I’m glad that Palmer has been cast away. He should have asked the media to respect the “other” gal’s privacy. He angry at her for saboing his career?

    Also appalled at PA’s attitude, and that of our constructive, nation-building media. Minister tells media to respect Palmers’ privacy: they do. But it seems they consider her and her connections fair game. If they don’t dare hound the Palmers, they should have decency to leave her and her connections alone.

    LKY is right to despise the local media.

  4. “(As if he would be allowed by his party to stay on, if he had said. “no babe, I’m staying-…..”, unquote.
    Like the way You read it.

    Auntielucia seems pretty liberal with married people romancing outside their marriages.


  5. Another example of our local mainstream media being the lapdog of the PAP. Shy away from Palmer when he’s clearly the bigger fish to fry. At least TODAY has balls to question the PA, who’s motive for revealing the name of the woman, is questionable and very poor taste. Lets hope none of the PA’s top honchos is involved in a scandal because then the PA must inform their staff and the world of this scandal as well.

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  7. Uncle/Auntie Aiyoh: U brought up the Dalai Lama, I didn’t. People seem to forget what was said in the Gospels; render unto Caesar what is Caeser’s and God what is God’s.

    If religious folks are more mindful that they could become political pawns if/when they step out of their domain, then followers won’t have so much confusion.

    If only people will learn to understand that politics isn’t a religious calling but an extremely demanding profession for which much blood, sweat and tears is required, then political leaders caught under the wrong bed sheets won’t be punished as tho they were religious people who had pledged celibacy as part and parcel of their work.

    Geddit? 🙄

  8. Uncle Cynical:
    Even the Brits in Britain have moved on cf Princess Diana, Prince Charles etc. So why is SG still stuck in Victorian England where they actually had a PM who went out nitely to convert prostitutes or so he said 😉

    Incidentally, the French aren’t any more decadent than you or me. It’s just that they have more savoir faire and are style leaders, whether it be fatal bon mots (let them eat cake) or fatal attractions.

    As for yr constant bashing of the local media, I don’t know what’s your beef. Since you profess to know so much abt the workings of the local media, then you would know better than most bloggers/surfers the most effective modus operande is to go for the soft target to yield the maximum fast copy with the minimal effort.

    I don’t know why Laura Ong was fingered. She should have known if she fooled around with a public figure who is not in a position to take her to ROM, then there’s a high chance — if the secret romance hits the headlines — that it’s not going to be in Tatler where she would be front page news.

    Trust you geddit too 🙄

  9. Uncle Patriot, It’s not being liberal but being realistic. Even in my parents’ times, men n women weren’t thrown together at work and play as much as they are today. What do you think happens? IMHO, the extra-marital do-das making headlines nowadays is but the tip of an ice-berg. So do get real, pse, dear Uncle 😆

  10. Uncle/Auntie Invictus: As I told Uncle Cynical above, I don’t know y local media, esp ST, is such a favorite whipping boy of SGreans. Anyone who’s chary of helping ST sell newspapers had better make sure that they do nothing in their life that’s newsworthy.

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