Deadly dependence on FTs?

Yesterday some 102 SMRT bus drivers from China decided not to go to work. Read all about it here:

My initial reaction: Thank goodness I seldom take buses. But on second thoughts, i drive and share the road all the time with SMRT buses.

With unhappy drivers in charge of as big a vehicle as a bus — especially the double-decker and the bendy varieties — and with so many lives in the hand of one person, is it wise for SMRT not to treat their human “software” like valuable porcelain?

(It’s the same analogy which ex-president SR Nathan said Mr Lee Kuan Yew used to describe the Straits Times when Nath was sent there to sort things out aeons ago).

Think also of other road users, especially pedestrains, cyclists and motor cyclists. What if a madly disgruntled SMRT driver/s loses/lose  “it” and decide to take it out on the world — namely a narrow street in Singapore.

It would be a nightmare worse than Freddy Kruger’s Elm Street! (which incidentally gave me nightmares the first and only time I viewed it!)

Guess such a dastardly deed could be done by an insane bus driver of any nationality but when this isn’t home and there’s the added pressure of having to adjust to this not being home, then there’s a gr8er chance of a trajedy waiting to happen 😥

Mayb one should be glad that the China-drivers showed their hand by not driving. If that made headline news around the world, think how much bigger headlines would have resulted if they drove and the resentment in their hearts went off like a Mumbai bomb!

5 thoughts on “Deadly dependence on FTs?

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  2. Auntielucia:

    A very good morning to You Ma’am.

    Worry not about the PRC SMRT Drivers behaving like terrorists in India.
    Protest, demonstration and strike in China are not uncommon. Most were peaceful unless they got agitated and or when they were forcefully handled by Police and Security Forces. Empirically, PRC Citizenry did nﹰot resort to violent protestation, arms were used only in revolution and large scale nation wide dissatisfaction. The People in China never behave liked Football Hooligans in Europe.

    PRC People are sensible like us.


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  4. Uncle Patriot Sim, I think your faith in PRC folks’ behaviour as a mob may be misplaced. A mob is a mob, wherever they come from, esp if they are disoriented (settling in blues) and believe (however wrongly) that they r being taken advantage of. While unity is strength for the mob, it’s disaster whomever they are targetting 😥

  5. Auntielucia:

    I have faith in them.
    Visited their Great Nation few times,
    enjoyed them immensely.
    Very impressed by the Chinese
    5000 Years of solid culture is
    indeed a strong foundation for
    them to be proud of.


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