SPHCorp vs Bertha

Bertha Henson recently wrote about the sudden death of one of her young proteges.

It sparked an indignant reply from her ex-employer and colleagues to which she gave an equally robust reply.

I posted a comment in her blog, and for the benefit of those who read this blog but not hers, I’m reproducing that comment below:

Bertha, after the passing of this young man, I ran into one of his senior ex-colleagues n when conversation turned to the tragedy, I said you wrote abt him in your blog. Said snr ex-colleague dismissed my interjection and said your story wasn’t quite correct. Now I know why.

Still, I find this para from SPHCorp’s email strange: “For over a year, while Chee Kin was seriously ill, his Newsdesk colleagues were quietly covering his duties. None of them complained, because they all wanted to help him through that difficult period.”

Why hold this up as a candle of compassion? Aren’t staff from the same section supposed to cover for sick colleagues, unless the person’s position cld be filled at the drop of a hat? It wld be interesting if SPHCorp cld detail how many senior folks had to work extra shifts/forego leave etc to do this hard labour 😆

2 thoughts on “SPHCorp vs Bertha

  1. A very wonderful morning to you madam. This reminds me very much of a Japanese film noir directed by Akira Kurosawa (don’t you think so) entitled, Rashoman – where observers of an event were all able to produce substantially different accounts of what actually transpired. Yet at the same time managing to pull off the impossible viz-a-viz supplying equally plausible and credible accounts. 

    But tell me madam. Is “right” or “wrong” really so important at this point in time? Surely these people don’t expect us all (like the movie) to consult our Ouija boards to seek resolution to this matter? I do really wonder sometimes madam – whatever happened to the idea of respecting the dead. Yes I understand that idea may seem rather valedictory these days, passé even.

    I must go to the field now. My trees await.

    A very good morning to you madam.

    Darkness 2012

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