Doggone it, am I getting old?

Earlier this month, I was up in Kuala Lumpur, once again visiting TES — my old friend and partner in youthful crime.

This time, there was a distinct difference: the usual pack of dogs she keeps came and went in the sitting and dining rooms as well as TES’ super large back kitchen — something unusual! Because whenever I visited in the past, the whole pack would be banished to to the backyard or the garden to keep them away from me, as recorded here.

The latest visit saw us — ie the doggies and moi — sharing the same space all the time I was there — except for my bedroom, which remained a strong no-no to the four-legged ones!

Sure, the doggies have gone down in number to just four. In longer times past, there used to be seven or eight. And further back, there were two large German sheperds as well. But that was when TES’ hubby was still alive.

He has gone for 12 years, TES said which caused me to say the usual trite but true thing: how time flies 🙄

And the oldest Yorkshire terrier, Fiji, surviving from the brood he gave her in 1994 is 18 this year. Another from the same brood, Radar, is 16! Doggone it, in human terms they would be 126 and 122 years old respectively!

They are blind and tired and not in the mood to bother visitors! That explains why I was largely ignored.

As for the two larger dogs, they too are past their prime, with Molly at 10 and Tammy at around 6.

Hence I was able to tolerate their presence — even to the extent that I shared one piece of a plump pastry filled with lotus paste and salted egg yolk with Tammy when she looked at me hungrily. Not the healthiest tidbit to give a dog but since she’s already middle-age, it won’t harm to indulge a little.

In the tranquility of my own home back in SG, I’ve been wondering: if the pets that my best friend owns are already in their dotage, what does that say about our chronological age, no matter how doggedly we try to avoid thinking about the subject!

Still, i won’t boo hoo.

A huge balance in years isn’t the destiny of everyone. Those of us blessed with such a stockpile must gratefully say bow wow 😀 😆


9 thoughts on “Doggone it, am I getting old?

  1. A dog’s life is equivalent to a man’s life of 7 yrs. if a dog is 10 yrs old then it’s about 70 yrs of a man. Usually a dog’s lifespan is about 13 yrs then blindness, sickness or organ failure sets in before it comes to the end. Sigh ! We are nearer to the finishing line with each passing day and passing year! Will you go off first or me? That’s the question.

  2. Lucia you are in KL? We should try to met up. You know there is a whole dimension of life beyond blogging. I will going down there to present a paper in agronomy conference in a couple of days. I happen to know a delightful Chinese restaurant in Pavilion located in Bukit Bintang. Even know the chef well enough to order outside the a la carte. We really should try to make the effort to met up.

    All our boats need to sail in one direction in 2013.

    Warmest regards

    Darkness 2012

  3. Indeed one has to be very thankful to have come from good gene and to have the good fortune of inheriting the material trappings that comes with it.

    You are one such lucky being.


  4. Thanks Uncle Asingaporeanson for the info. Where dogs n other animals are concerned, I leave them to my friends n family. I just tolerate them — the animals, I mean 😆

  5. Not to worry December I will returning back home for X’mass. I plan to have a small gathering of bloggers, maybe 15 to 20 packs. I hope to see you then.

    Warmest Regards

    Darkness 2012

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