I truly <3 Hongkong's transport system

Now that everyone n his uncle are raving about China’s Special Administrative Region’s seamless connectivity treat for commuters — including the Straits Times which has begun rolling out magnum opus-like pieces about Hongkong’s transport system eg Sep 23 by xueying@sph.com is one (Pointers from HK’s public transport) — I feel i must trumpet that I’ve been singing that system’s praise (as compared to our abysmal one) since 2009!

Let me gather the links right here for friends and enemies who drop by this site to savour! Remember, I sang HK’s praise first 🙄






PS: Our G is getting it right by asking — more effective to demand in this situation — that shopping mall owners better get their act together n build links between their premises and/or our MRT stations. That’s why Hongkong’s MTR works so well. Even if unlike HK, G and SMRT don’t normally own the properties on and around the MRT stations, but it’s NO excuse to say linkages can’t be made. Let Parliament start cracking the whip, I say!


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