Food feeds from friends!

After 39 days of involuntary home confinement that ended on Sep 21 — see here for the gory details! — it has been back to civilized, uneventful life with intermittent break outs to meet with good friends for food, fresh chat in an environment other than the four walls of home! 😆

And what good food I’ve been eating, especially two recent meals where I remembered only midway to begin taking pix, an activity that was put into cold store when domestic and enforced filial duties almost drowned me.

Last Saturday, we went to ex-classmate TB2’s delightful home in Raffles Park. Five of us and the hostess demolised a bottle of Moet & Chandon champagne — in decadent mid afternoon! — as well as four large cold crabs from Soon Heng, an old established eating house that has resurfaced at the corner of Race Course Raod and Kinta Road in Little India.

Then we had a mesclun salad of arugula, baby spinach, lettuce and other baby greens, oiled by an excellent dressing that was a mixture of shop-bought and home-made. This was accompanied by excellent freshly made bread from Baker n Cook that was a hop, skip and jump away.

And i forgot to take any pix till the piece de resistance appeared, a sinful sherry trifle under a blanket of fresh whipped cream covered with strawberries, made by the hostess herself!

That feast was followed by another truly gastronomic meal today hosted by LBK who had been repeatedly inviting me over many weeks, but due to my domestic chaos, I had to turn her down each time.

Finally, I was able to make it and was I glad I did, since it turned out to be a feast of the kind I had dreamed of for many weeks, as i cooked ho-hum one dish meals, washed, cleaned, scrubbed and cursed the continuing absence of mum’s Picky helper.

It was at a place called Sakuraya which I’ve heard of but never gone to. LBK took us to the Anchorage outlet. There were two other guests.

We started with a trio of amuse bouche that comprised marinaded jelly fish sitting on a bed of shredded white radish, a tiny glass of pickled green veggie and a tiny glass of vinegrette that was reminiscent of what was served in between courses at that taste-bud tingling restaurant in Yangmingshan, Taipei, called Pine Garden — o, another eating life time ago!

Natch, I was so eager to start eating that I again forgot to snap a pix to tantalise other eating kakis. Luckily, I didn’t forget to take a pix of the next dish or the next and the next. Only the sanbei soba was overlooked!

The next dish comprised five kinds of sashimi: toro (4 piecces); sweet shrimps (4 pieces), hamachi and belly salmon (8 pieces each); a large scallop (cut into four slices) and another white fish, called tai or tey (not sure which).

Altho I wasn’t the host, I kept count to make sure no one had more than their share. Poor manners on my part but my excuse was that I was with very old friends who are used to my “fair”ways 🙄

That was followed by the sanbei soba and grilled hamachi head, at which point LBK asked casually, if anyone fancied uni! I don’t know about the other two guests but I certainly did. And lo and behold, a plate of four pieces of sushi with plump, soft and juicy uni sitting atop appeared like a miracle.

A perfect finish to a surprisingly good meal!

What was even more surprising was that when LBK was pressed to say how much the meal cost, revealed that it was about $130! None of us could believe it and suspect that there was some compression somewhere to avoid making us feel bad and indebted for the generous treat.

However, if the price tag hadn’t been discounted, then I think Sakuraya would be giving GOTO of Ang Siang Hill a run for its money. It’s more than a steal, especially when our food was washed down with saki and green tea. What fed the four of us for lunch couldn’t even buy a GOTO dinner for one 😆

While Sakuraya’s ambience can’t match GOTO’s, the freshness of its food is second to none!

sinfully rich trifle that followed sinfully rich cold crab

heavenly sashimi — spoilt for choice

grilled to perfection

each uni has our name!


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