Sue inconsistent!

I really shouldn’t judge her but what Cecilia Sue, the state’s star witness, against the once-star civil servant — aka Ng Boon Gay — has been saying in court and circulated with glee on the Internet almost as soon as her words are uttered reminds me of what Walter Woon, ex-Solictor General, once said in Parliament when he was a Nominated MP.

Prof Woon, then attacking the stock exchange’s move to create scripless trading via a central depository had claimed that the scheme had so many holes in it that one could “drive a double decker bus” thru it.

Prof Woon has been proven wrong of cos and may I be so, for the sake of the hundreds of thousands of taxpayers’ $ being devoted to prosecuting Ng, an ex-law enforcer, for corruption. Besides the red faces of shame or anger of those Singaporeans who think it’s impossible for our country to be the breeding ground to such scandals 🙄

But what Ms Sue has been saying in court re the forced performance of oral sex –esepcially when it’s over 4 occasions — sounds incredible whereas her original statement and text messages (surfaced in cross-examination by Ng’s defence lawyer –reproduced from Todayonline below) have a clearer ring of truth.

Whereas her 1st day testimony left me wondering: Why was she always the one doing the driving? Why did she have to pick him up and drop him off? Why say “yes” again — and again — and again — after the first nasty encounter?

Couldn’t she have reported him to the police? (OK, he was a policeman. But given her pallyness with the Home Team, couldn’t she have sounded out these other friends for advice? Pretend it’s one of her girl friends having such a problem? Did she confide in any of her girlfriends or family members? Why did she die-die grin and swallow the humiliation?)

Or had she become one of those “sex slaves” one reads of in macabre real crime stories for which Europe and the United States are so infamous for?

Cecilia Sue breaks down in court, insists she is telling ‘the truth’
 by Amir Hussain (TODAY)

Updated 02:25 PM Sep 27, 2012

SINGAPORE – The woman at the centre of former Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) Director Ng Boon Gay’s high profile corruption case was grilled this morning on whether she had an intimate relationship with Ng.

Ms Cecilia Sue, 36, was asked by Senior Counsel Tan Chee Meng, Ng’s lawyer, why she said she had sexual intercourse with Ng in her first statement to the Corrupt Practices Investiagtion Bureau (CPIB) in December last year.

Ms Sue replied she had done so in order “not to implicate anyone”, and as she was frightened. The defence lawyer, however, probed the former Oracle sales manager on how she could be so detailed about the incident two years earlier.

The statement, paragraphs of which were submitted to the court by the defence, described an undressed Ng pushing aside Ms Sue’s panties for sexual intercourse, followed by oral sex in an apartment at Great World City in June 2009.

It is also inconsistent, Mr Tan said, that she subsequently altered a sentence in the statement to read: “I had a (more) liking for Boon Gay”, after the incident.

Disclaiming the factual veracity of the statement, and breaking down once during the intense cross-examination, Ms Sue said: “What I say today is the truth. Nothing but the truth.”

Earlier in the morning, Mr Tan read out text messages Ms Sue had sent to Ng, 46, which suggested the two had an intimate relationship.

The first message read out in court was “Do you DIY?”. Another message on July 2 last year read: “I could have three hours with you. We had fun”. Yet another, later that same day said: “She’s home?”.

Among other messages Mr Tan read to the court: “M U”, “you ignore me how how how” and in response to a text message that was not replied to: “where’s family day?”

Ng is facing four charges of corruption for obtaining oral sex from Ms Sue in return for allegedly favouring tenders from the companies she worked for.

The Prosecution’s case is that Ms Sue was pressured into performing fellatio because she was concerned about the contracts, and that she would jeopardise the commercial relationship she had built with the CNB.

The defence’s case is that Ng had an affair with Ms Sue between 2009 and last year, but personal indiscretions aside, was not corrupt.

If convicted, Ng could be jailed up to five years and fined S$100,000 for each charge.

The trial has been adjourned and hearing will resume tomorrow morning.


4 thoughts on “Sue inconsistent!

  1. Aunt Lucia

    All I can say that the court of public opinion will have a field day on this interesting case which Bertha Henson has summed up quite pithly and also yourself.


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  3. A most juicy, steamy and saucy, in whatever order, court case in Sin.
    there are more to come.
    Me does not follow the Case, but understands
    that another top civil servant is involved with
    the same woman.
    Auntielucia can enjoy a real life drama instead of watching them on the telly.

    Enjoy yrself ma’am.


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