Carrefour: didn’t I tell you so?

So Carrefour is leaving SG be4 the end of the year, closing its two outlets: one at Plaza Singapura and the other at Suntec City.

Didn’t I already say it would back in July and September 2010?

And i had been expecting this development whatever the marketing or image-making folks might say to the contrary.

I use my eyes and experience.

We go to Plaza Singapura reasonably often and the last time that we were there, just be4 mum’s Picky Siti went on her one month’s leave, my sister dashed down to Carrefour’s to buy her fav bread. She came back disappointed that there was none.

I told her not to be. It’s to be expected. The place is closing down, I said.

“How do you know?” Daffy persisted, like most sisters always ready for a verbal scrap.

“I just know,” I retorted.

Actually I know because some of the clothings and towels it sells can be bought for a fraction at which they are priced — at Blk 25 Bendemeer Road where I shop and visit for a better and fresher buy!

And, frankly the fresh produce at Carrefour Plaza Singapura is no better than what one can get in a tired late afternoon at Ghim Moh market and at a lower price to boot.

Carrefour has to leave SG, IMHO, not because of Cold Storage and Fairprice but because it sells a second hand Parisienne chic based on name, not value for $!


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