Such gracious friends

I’ve two friends — one I’ve known more than half my life; the other just a handful of years.

The strange thing is that tho one is male and the other female. both share the same initials: PL.

The similarity doesn’t end there.

The PL whom I’ve known longer has been picking up stuff that I or my sister chose to sell over the years; and more recently, he’s also accepted an ancient cane sofa or day bed badly in need of repair from me as I try to de-clutter my life and living environment a little, encouraged most recently by what happened to the 76-year-old Ah Pek who lived in 4-room HDB flat 😦

The more recent friend has also bought a trinket from my sister who hawks her craft at or more precisely, her squeeze bought something for her from the site.

As the new PL didn’t quite know what to do with the trinket, my sister and I dug deep into our cache and found one item after another that could be used to hang the trinket like a pendant. I posted them to her and thought that was that.

One Wednesday morning, I was happily surprised by a thank you note from the she-PL. The late afternoon, I got yet another surprise. A beautiful floral and fruit basket was delivered by Noelle on behalf of the he-PL to thank me for my old tacky gift.

How is that for co-incidence, considering that the two PLs don’t know each other.

But it does show that they have one more trait in common: graciousness 😀 !


his TQ gift

her TQ note

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