I got the millet mush look?

I don’t know whether to be pleased or annoyed. I was at the Each a Cup outlet outside Clementi Mall’s Fairprice Finest apres lunch. I was about to order when the girl in charge said: Millet mush with agar, agar, zero sugar right?

She was right in so far that’s what i ordered the last time I was at Clementi Mall, mayb 6 to 8 weeks ago. I’ve since moved on to millet mush with black pearls.

The girl’s ability to identify the drink I took won’t have been so remarkable, if she were the one minding the outlet at City Square Mall, where I’ve become quite a regular. And where as soon as I stop by, the girl would recite what I want, without prompting.

However the girl’s at the Clementi Mall outlet where I’ve only had one drink there be4 today and such a long time ago!And every day she must serve at least 100 more more customers! Yet she remembered me!

She either has a damn good memory — or horrors! I got a millet mush face 😆


One thought on “I got the millet mush look?

  1. I’ve no idea what millet looks like even though I could have been eating it as a kid in Chinatown. Anyway, reading this millet posting brought to mind my favourite Taoist story, the Millet Dream. [I have to stop this writing for 15 minutes while I crawled and trawled the bottom shelves of my library to hunt for my old anthology of Taoist tales. Got it! Bought in 1973. Binding is still intact, amazing!]

    A quick scan of the yellowed dusty pages to refresh my memory: the story is precisely what the new ministers featured at the NDay Rally speech should NOT read because it will only de-motivate them from serving public office. The story is written by Li Mi during the reign of Emperor Kai Yuan (Tang Dynasty), more than 1,000 years ago but its political morals are just as pertinent today. Mebbe when I have the time I should OCR the text and post excerpts on my Bystander Web site for the edification of ministers and menials.

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