Chance encounters

Until this past week, I’ve never seen him in person; only in the newspapers or on the small screen where he performed death-defying feats to coax more charity $ out of his audience.

I think, dear visitors, you know the chap I’m referring to. He’s that high profile monk who attracted plentiful followers and detractors and ended up spending some time in Changi for some financial indiscretions.

Anyway, in the past week, i ran into him not once, not twice but thrice! How is that for co-incidence! 🙄

The first time I ran into him was on Tuesday, Aug 7, around 2pm when he and I were going down the escalators at City Square to the carpark at B4.

C-Square’s escalators have a curious way of doubling back so that those on the way down in front of one at some point in time would loop back and face those coming down the escalator behind them!

That’s when our eyes met and I gave him a polite nod of recognition which he acknowledged with a brief nod too. I might even have “salamed” him had my hands not been tied up hanging onto a trolley full of groceries and veggies.

I went to a wake later that afternoon and regaled fellow visitors with that chance encounter.

Then last night, I was dining at the Mushroom Pot at the National Stadium, building up sustenance for the Let’s Rock The Musical, a musical tribute to renowned Cantopop lyricist James Wong, brought in by Mediacorp Vizpro at the Kallang Theatre across the road.

And as I’m wont to do, in between dishes and chatter, I cast my beady eyes around the room and lo and behold, in a packed table next to ours was the very same monk I had seen earlier in the week.

I told my dining companion who looked in the direction I had whispered. The response: “I bet you he’s going to the same concert.”

When we were queueing up to enter the theatre, my companion triumphantly said: “See, I guess right!”

Indeed, the monk was also waiting to get in with his dining companions. So I “saw” him for the 3rd time!

Not only that. He sat a few rows in front of us as well as in front of Xiang Yun, Edmund Chen and their two kids.

I wonder what are the odds of running into a “personality” one has never clapped eyes on before, 3 times at a stretch?

I’ll let the maths wizzes work it out 😆


One thought on “Chance encounters

  1. Sounds quite unusual to me for monk to
    be at shopping complex and place of
    entertainment at such frequency as You
    have mentioned.

    Can see Auntielucia is quite thrilled by
    the encounters.


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