Mrs Chong to blame?

According to an online Straits Times report on Aug 2, a former teacher from a top secondary school was charged in court with having sex with an underage boy, thus confirming a rumour that’s been swirling in cyberspace.

The woman, in her early 30s, allegedly had consensual sex with the boy on the first occasion sometime in January this year.

The prosecution successfully applied for a gag order.

The accused, who wasn’t represented, is likely to face more similar charges.

What’s the world — or more accurately, Singapore — coming to?

When I was growing up, our Government was quite clear what it didn’t want in the people it governed — a permissive society.

Yet in recent years in order to stay cool and connected with the rest of the world, we threw open our windows, doors and legs  too (some would add).

And no dear George Yeo — he of old Aljunied fame — it wasn’t a few flies that flew in. It was something a lot nastier.

Back in January 2011, I expressed in a post my worry and displeasure that the much-admired Ministry of Education ad featuring a lucious “Mrs Chong” — who gave an underprivileged kid TLC — to promote the teaching vocation was completely inappropriate and unwise.

I had concluded that post with this (to my mind) prophetic warning:

“Instead of inspiring more people to become teachers, I fear “Mrs Chong” with her full lips and eyes on the brink of tears might create new tragedies like that of Mrs X, whose name was with-held to protect the identity of her student.”

The case now be4 the courts convinces me anew the stupidity of that Mrs Chong ad. Even it has done no more than set one teacher and her charge in the whole of Singapore down the road to the wrong sort of education. 😥


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