Shower cap wish granted at last!

Back in November 2010, I wrote about one Christmas present that I wish to receive: plenty of dispoable shower caps

I had believed that’s a simple enough wish but up till now, only one friend (LW) had fulfilled this wish. Still, she made up for others by sending me disposable shower caps she’s been collecting on her travels with complete abandon. She topped it last month at the Lai Wah treat with a pack of multi-color shower caps + other goodies from Bangkok’s Naraya.

Although the $ value of these gifts aren’t earth-shattering, I value them hugely because the gifts are what I can use and not another of those museum-display kitschie dust-gathering pieces that more ostentatious friends tend to present me with.

LW’s gifts, particularly the shower caps, are all the more appreciatied considering the rebuff one old friend (well, old is correct since we’ve been to school together from Primary 1; not too sure about the “friend” bit) gave me when I asked her for help in sourcing the shower caps, as she’s closely connected with a boutique hotel and should know where such objects of desire (from my perspective anyway) could be found.

“Don’t know,” she bluntly told me, without any attempt at apology, thus confirming that she’s not someone I would turn to should I ever be in need of real and costly help 🙄

And what an old friend refused to do, guess what? A total stanger @evehow whom I’ve been following on Twitter handed me on a platter — and all without my asking. @evehow must have found out from this blog that I’m on a perennial quest for disposable shower caps.

She kindly tweeted me that this item could be got a plenty from this supplier which also supplies disposable stuff that might come in useful such as bed sheets, pillow cases and even disposable sarongs — how neat can that get! 😆

But good things don’t come knocking just once, I find.

Within days of my finding out where I can binge on disposable shower caps, I strolled into Daiso at Plaza Singapura. And you could have knocked me down with a feather to discover that Daiso also sells disposable shower caps — the more durable sort that LW gave me recently and the more flimsy sort. For $2 I could have six in several colors or a much bigger pack of all white caps.

Once again, my cup truly runneth over. From remaining in the dark well nigh on two years on where I could buy such shower caps, now I know of two sources and need no longer rely on LW’s kindness — all within the spate of a few days.

Co-incidence or Singapore waking up to the fact that there’s demand for disposable shower caps?


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