GST: one more disappointment!

Today, I found a letter addressed to my mother in the letter box and my heart leapt up, as hope springs eternal.

The envelope carried the Singapore crest and the important words On Government Service, in capital letters. There was even a tag line near the bottom of the envelope which instructed”Be the best that you can be” — also, all in capital letters.

I suddenly felt very pleased. Must be the Finance Minister has relented over the old-old living in housing that’s got annual values of more than $20,000, never mind if they don’t own the roof over their heads and what little savings they have won’t earn enough to feed a parrot for a year!

I suddenly felt a renewed warmth towards our government.

Mum would be getting her GST offsets and Medisave top-up after all! :D!

Alas, just like the milk maid with her day dreams, my happy thoughts over mum receiving some extra pocket money came crashing down when I opened the important looking letter on her behalf.

Shucks, it was from the Elections Department, informing mum that she’s been struck off the Register of Electors because she didn’t vote the in Presidential Election! The letter suggested that she get herself restored, via the Internet, mail or fax.

I would normally have thought the ED’s letter quite humorous and would have gone 😆

But not this time, mainly because I still feel sore about how un-inclusively the GST and Medisave top-ups had been distributed in 2012 Budget, as I had stated here previously.

The snub dealt mum re the GST exclusion made me extra picky with everything government-related — at least for the time being. Thus I thought it ridiculous of the ED to say that mum’s name was deleted from the electors’ roll because she didn’t vote at in the Presidential Election.

Eh, wake up ED. Mum already missed the May General Election! Furthermore, she received an invite just be4 the Presidential Election to get her name re-instated to enable her to cast her vote for the new president. She ignored the invite. Or rather, her care-givers decided to give it a miss.

Because at 87, going on 88, she can’t tell what day of the week it is! While she can feed herself and wash her face and brush her teeth and use the toilet independently, she needs someone beside her to issue verbal reminders at every step of each activity.

So how could she have voted at the GE or the PE since no one would have been allowed to give her instructions or reminders on which candidate to vote for?

As for offering her to get her name reinstated via Internet, the Election Department clearly has no idea how old she is. But I guess it’s too much to expect those in charge over there to realise from her IC Number that she isn’t your iPad toting hottie 🙄

3 thoughts on “GST: one more disappointment!

  1. Auntielucia;

    a very good morning to You and All.

    My Fren Gilbert Goh wrote that locals are pissed off by the PM’s call for Singaporeans to integrate with aliens.
    Early this morning, me found You here revealing how commonsense has totally escaped our administrators. It got to do with your Mum.

    My Mum, at 9 years older than your Mum was admitted to Changi Hospital when she had a fall recently, she was attended to reasonably fast and was rested at the Observation Ward due to lack of Class C Bed. The Orthopedic Doctor invited me to look at the X-ray Negative and me told her that I was unable to decipher and requested that she did her best for my Mum. Nevertheless, I followed her and she patiently explained to me where a minor fracture was.

    The beds used in the Observation Ward appeared much narrower than the standard size used in other Wards, a mid size adult would have little space to turn. I immediately thought of the caged egg laying hens.

    On discharge, the Doctor and Ward Receptionist were very detail in explaining medication and cares needed by the patient. One item that made me felt absolutely lost was that my 96 year old
    Mother was given __21 Days Medical Leave and the Nurse pointed out to me that it was from which date to which day. I do not know to laugh or to cry. Why are the hospital staff task to do such ridiculous work?


  2. Dear Auntielucia,
    You get more sense hiring zombies then those idiots who call themselves civil

  3. Uncle Drunkard: Yr mum’s MC experience was mirrored by exactly what happened to my mother when she was warded in TTSH last October for observation after a fall. Discahrged the following day, the doctor gave her 3 days of MC. Guess it may slow down workflow too much if the hospital staff were to inquire whether the patient still worked. Can’t go by looks or age mah, since many old folks in SG are still in full time work! 😥

    Coz Peter: aiyah, don’t think it’s the ED staff’s fault. It’s a process within the system. So theirs is not to reason why; theirs but to do and die. Unless someone initiates a review of the way invites to get absent voters back on to the electoral rolls, then such comical kinks will persist, much like hospitals giving MCs to the extremely old and sometimes demented patients! 🙄

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