My Zalora experience — good & bad

First, the good bit. The two pairs of open-toe espadille wedges I received are exactly as shown in the pictures on the Zalora website. Both pairs are very pretty. In fact, the cheaper of the two pairs had better material and lining. The only trouble is that since I had chosen one size smaller for this pair as my size was sold out, the shoes don’t fit. Still that’s my problem, not Zalora’s

Now for the bad bit: the shoes arrived only yesterday (July 22), one week after I had ordered them, although Zalora had promised 48-hour delivery 🙄

There was no call to check if anyone was in and delivered at the old delivery time of between 2pm and 6pm — even though I had asked for a change in delivery time, after Zalora failed to keep to the 48-hour target.

Following is the exchange between Zalora and moi over these shoes.

1. On Sun, Jul 15, 2012 at 9:54 PM, ZALORA Singapore wrote to me:

** .     COD Package Shipped!   Dear Lucy Tan, > > Thank you for ordering from ZALORA. You would be happy to know that your  order has been shipped! > Since you chose to pay by cash on delivery, please be ready to pay cash to  the delivery person. Your order number is 200013638.

Total > Discount SGD 0  Shipping FREE  Total price SGD 35.00  *Your preferred delivery time*  You have selected 2pm to 6pm

2. On Mon, Jul 16, 2012 at 5:12 PM, I wrote to Zalora: It’s almost 6pm… where are the items???

3. On Wednesday, Jul 18 10:53 AM, I wrote to Zalora: What has happened to the shoes? They are still not here yet and it’s more than 48 hours since you claim to have shipped them!

4. On Wednesday, Jul 18 17:03 PM I wrote again to Zalora: My order still hasn’t arrived. If it doesn’t come by 6pm tonite, I will consider the purchase cancelled. Thank you!

5. Joyce from Zalora wrote on Jul 20 16:10 PM: Hi Lucy, According to our courier, there was an attempt on delivery on 18 July 2012. However, no one was at home. As for now, the parcel is out for delivery after a change in delivery address. (My comment: I never change delivery address!) The parcel will most likely reach you in a day or two. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Your kind understanding is greatly appreciated.

6. I wrote back the same day: Look, Joyce, I don’t know what your procedure is but definitely NO one came on July 18 to deliver; we have a security guard and there is nothing in her log abt your courier’s visit. Nor was there notification at our front door or mailbox. If you can’t keep to your 48 hour delivery promise it is OK but don’t say things which aren’t true. Thank you!

7. On July 20 morning, someone from the courier company called to say they would be delivering the same day. As I was busy all day and as it was completely beyond the 48-hour promise, I asked if the shoes could be delivered at a later time slot. We settled for the 7 to 10pm. No surprise that no shoes came on Friday or Saturday but instead I received an email from Zalora asking me to rate their customer service! What chutzpah!

Hello Lucy Tan,

We’d love to hear what you think of our customer service. Please take a moment to answer one simple question by clicking either link below:

How would you rate the support you received?

Good, I’m satisfied

Bad, I’m unsatisfied

No prizes for guessing which answer I clicked 🙄

Then the shoes were delivered yesterday on July 22, at 4pm!!

Bottom line: Would I buy again from Zalora? Yes, if the goods offered catch my eye and are cheap. But i won’t bother about their 48-hour delivery promise. Too stressful to hang around. I won’t even bother to contact them, regarding delivery etc though. A fat lot of good that did me on my first purchase! 

The best thing I did regarding my first order was to choose to pay COD, ie cash-on-delivery. Otherwise i would have had to worry whether I had paid for something that won’t arrive. That’s the mode of payment I shall choose for all future purchases 😆

16 thoughts on “My Zalora experience — good & bad

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  2. Thank you for every other excellent article. The place else may anybody get that kind of info in such an ideal approach
    of writing? I have a presentation subsequent week, and I am
    at the look for such information.

  3. I should have paid COD. I’m having trouble right now working with the refund of one product I bought.

  4. Same experience! I opt for COD, and the zalora LIED to me in the email “Our courier tried to deliver the item however, they couldn’t as no one at the residence.” Was home all the while with my family. & Worst is NO ONE CALLED me to confirm my order and the time slot when the courier would come.

  5. Uncle/Auntie Miko: Not sure if the word “lied” is correct; might be a case of misunderstanding. Still whatever it is, I for one won’t buy from Zalora again — at least not online.

  6. Yeah same problem for me too. They said somebody rejected the item when it was delivered. Thing’s that i was at home all the while and not a soul came at all. Great excuse to cover up their mistake.

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  8. Nice article and i think i have had a great experience shopping with Zalora online store. I did order the shoes and shirts few days back and i got the delivery in 24 hours.


  9. Lucky you! But I m a once bitten, twice shy person.

    In any case, why bother to buy from Zalora when I can buy similar at same or lower prices almost anywhere in SG nowadays.

    I get instant gratification instead of the possibility of going thru the same bad experience once more.

    I might go back to Zalora if I happen to live in the middle of nowhere!

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  12. I hv bought a several times from zalora, and everything turned up fine, I guess cause they hv a lot of customers and mistake happened, they just human like us, anyway here is promo code for 1st time user ZBAPQF6B, enjoy!

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