What are our courts saying?

Well, I never — again!

I read in disbelief that a young man who had cheated an old woman, more than twice his age, of $2.3 million over a two-year period was jailed just six years. (See story below) Yes six years or 72 months!

By contrast, look at the case of Tan Yoke Lan. Last year, she was given 12 years’ worth of preventive detention for stealing $4,000 from 11 elderly men. She had already served 11 years for similar crimes.

Now be4 the likes of Uncle Unbrandedbread etc come and BS about her being a “hard core” criminal, I will and must say the way punishment is being meted out by our good old judges cries out for closer guidance by the Attorney General and the Minister for Law. While no two crimes are exactly alike, there must be broad parameters when delivering justice and punishing the culprits.

Justice must be done and must be seen to be done.

From these two examples I am not convinced that justice has been done, though I don’t know why.

What the latest case of the jewellery salesman tells me is that if one must cheat then one had better cheat big and cheat someone who is old enough to be one’s parent. And preferably someone known to oneself, not a random stranger. And make sure the direct victim is one solo person.

Otherwise I can’t see the huge discrepancy in the punishment meted out to Tan Yoke Lan. Her haul was all of $4K compared to the jewellery salesman’s $2.3 million. Her victims numbered 11 elderly male strangers and she wasn’t that much younger than they. He is 31 and his victim was one elderly woman aged 68 and a client!

I rest may case 🙄

The Straits Times
Published on Jul 13, 2012

Conman jailed six years for $2.3m cheating

By Elena Chong

A former sales executive was jailed for six years on Friday for cheating a customer of $2.3 million over two years.

Lim Kah Yong, 31, now unemployed, devised a scam in 2009 to cheat Madam Choo Ah Wah, 68, of money by pretending to be police investigators from Bedok police station.

Madam Choo was his regular customer and had bought jewellery from him when he was working at Taka Jewellery in Bedok North.

Posing as either ASP Mohd Azlan or ASP Kwok, Lim, both fictitious characters, Lim lied to her that Lim had been arrested for selling ‘illegal’ jewellery to her and was going to be charged.

Copyright © 2011 Singapore Press Holdings. All rights reserved.


4 thoughts on “What are our courts saying?

  1. think about woffle’s 2 indiscretion with identity robbery with s$1000 slap while a 17 years old’s identity theft to enter a disco was s$3000. hmmmmmm will someone kindly explain the difference? or does it depend on which side of the bed the judhe wakes up from?

  2. Uncle Jeffrey, whenever there’s a human involved, there are many unknown variables. Your example is one possibility; a compassionate vs a garang make-up is another. Also, don’t 4get the role of the prosecution and which law is applied. That’s why sometimes there’s merit in having mandatory penalties: to protect society fm wooley-minded law enforcers and any whimsy and/or weak-knee-ness. But perhaps the best argument to avoid being whacked by legal randomness is to make staying on the straight and narrow one’s topmost priority, even more important than going to heaven! 😆

  3. On 10 April this year, an Indonesian maid was jailed for 3 months for abusing and threatening a 4-year-old child with a knife while a relief teacher was jailed for 10 months for just sending lewd SMSes to a teenager. I find it hard to co-relate the jail term with the severity of these two cases where the sentences were meted out on the same day. It was a 4-year-old child who is helpless and defenceless against the maid and there was the element of bodily harm; whereas it was only just text messages which absolutely did no bodily harm or injury to a teenager who is probably able to stand up to such nonsense.

  4. Ashton, I humbly disagree. I think very small children who have as yet to have their imagination programed by education etc could in general shrug off trauma of the sort caused by a knife brandishing maid. Otherwise, those who built up SG would have been “damaged goods” — because in their days, a good beating was the methodology of choice by parents and teachers in order to teach values, discipline etc.

    The temp teacher’s target was an entirely proposition.– “grooming” hormone-raging teenagers is the worst sort of evil. That’s exactly the time when the mind is knowing enough but as yet maleable and ripe to be warped by a determined weirdo!

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