People who don’t pay at Din Tai Fung

Well, I never!

Don’t know if it’s absent-mindedness or plain daring but this afternoon, AC and I — JS had gone to the Ladies — witnessed an incident that was an eye-opener.

Actually, neither of us “witnessed” what happened. Neither did the cashier nor her manager apparently.

But it was only after AC paid our bill that the manager discovered there was an unpaid bill lying on  the counter and looked around for the customer/s or the waitress concerned.

There was no customer. In fact, there was no queue — no one in front of AC nor anyone behind us. Only the unpaid bill.

Two waitresses appeared and were promptly sent out of the restaurant to look for the customer/s. But as both clearly had no idea who had left without paying, it wasn’t going to be successful trip.

And it wasn’t.

We asked the girls looking hither and thither as people streamed passed them in both directions whether the bill was a large one and they said yes, showing us a list of items that hadn’t been toted up yet.

Considering that for the far fewer items that AC, JS and I ate — and our bill came to $59.90 — we could assume the unpaid bill must be a lot higher.

We didn’t hang around to find out if the disappearing diners did return tto pay (because they forgot) or if they managed to deliberately eat and not pay and got away with it 🙄

Oh yes, the restaurant  where it happened was Din Tai Fung at B1 of Marina Bay Sands. And as is the practice at Din Tai Fung, customers pay when leaving, not at the table.

Guess if disappearing diners become a habit, George Quek may have to rethink his cash collection practice! 😆


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